Get insights into your IT infrastructure with Live Optics

Live Optics is a free software tool that we use to collect, visualise and analyse data about your IT environment and workloads.

Live Optics provides data analysis to help you understand your workload performance.

This tool helps us to understand your environment and allows us to make the most impactful IT solution recommendations, whether it’s reducing wasteful spending or analysing opportunities for virtualisation or datacenter expansion.

Real-world data for IT decisions

Live Optics streams workload data from your storage, data protection, server and file systems to an online analytics engine, then measures, analyses and blends workload characteristics.

The Live Optics dashboard shows your results as a summary of individual performance across all systems and workloads, so you can identify areas where the entire system can operate more efficiently as a whole — at potentially lower cost.

Alleviate overdesigning, overspending, and frustration in a support, expansion or purchasing cycle.

  •  Gather and document complex workload data.
  •  View insights or scenarios of combined workloads.
  •  Secure cloud storage of project details.
  •  Workload monitoring with visualisation of projects.

Get a clear view of your workload data in just 24 hours!

Using the data, our Solutions Architects can help you look for ways to optimise your data center and plan for upcoming critical projects. During this conversation, you will also be supplied with a detailed report and the resulting accumulated metrics and what they mean for your business. As your total solution partner, we will work with you every step of the way to make the most impactful business decisions from the results.

Get Live Optics Installed

Access to Live Optics is easy!

Just select the appropriate collector type below and we will organise for the link to be sent to you, whilst the process is simple, our consultants can provide you with any assistance you require throughout.

  • Traditional Optical Prime looks at performance-based data, different Operating Systems, CPU description and usage rates, Read and Write IOPS, VMware Virtual memory settings and more. Dossier looks at file-level metadata. reporting data pretraining to: data capacity utilisation, deduplication effectiveness, compression reduction percentage and archiving.
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