Mobility Solutions

Enabling an efficient and secure mobile workforce

Mobility is becoming a prominent issue for many businesses; in the last few years we have had to deal with terrorist threats, flu pandemic warnings and some large scale sporting events that have forced many businesses to focus on how to better enable their work force to function remotely; however, the problem is compounded by staff welcoming the ability to work remotely, but expecting to have the same experience, without any service compromise whilst based in the office.

Enabling your clients to have access to the data and services they enjoy whilst working in the office is fine from the client’s perspective, but what about compliance? Is all data equal? Should your users be able to access all of the company data whilst working remotely and how do you control this in a granular fashion that works for both the client and the business?

Having access to the correct information is one thing, but how do you ensure consistency for your clients, enabling them to have the same experience across a multitude of devices? In addition, what solution would work best from a remote working perspective? Application virtualisation? Desktop virtualisation? Will either of these solutions in isolation deliver a platform that is pleasing and intuitive for the user? What complimentary technologies would make the difference to providing an adequate or a world class solution?

There are many solutions in the market place today, but which one is the correct choice for your enterprise? How do you navigate the plethora of options available on the market and how to you mitigate the risk associated with your project?

Drawing on our wealth of experience, having designed and deployed many solutions, utilising a number of key technologies, our team of consultants can accurately match the correct technologies to assist you with achieving your business goals, thus mitigating the risk associated with a project of this type.

By taking the time to understand what it is your business is looking to achieve, our mobility and remote working suitability assessment services will highlight the appropriate technologies required to meet your unique requirements. For the solution to be deemed successful, we must map out the requirement and align the technologies to the business, rather than selecting a technology and “bending” it to try to work for your business.

Our Approach

  • On-site work shop to understand your business and how IT supports it to achieve its business objectives.
  • Audit of current technologies utilised and suitability assessed for redeployment.
  • Application assessment, understanding the remote access challenge.
  • Security assessment, including what data is to be accessed, where and via which mediums?
  • Networking audit and configuration, assessment pertaining to remote access ability and performance.
  • Backup audit.
  • Infrastructure assessment including MAP report to understand current loads and how a remote/mobility solution will impact the current infrastructure.
  • On-site report presentation to the project stake holders, detailing the findings of our report and our recommendations for best practise remedial work.
  • Full report detailing our findings and recommendations for changes to your environment to ensure your infrastructure is sufficiently aligned to the demands of your business.

If you would like to investigate how you could become more efficient with the deployment of a secure remote working solution, then please contact your Krome Business Manager on 01932 232345 to arrange a free no obligation consultation to understand how we can assist you in successfully navigating the options available to you, ensuring that your project is a risk free success