VMware SRM (Site Recovery Manager)

VMware Site Recovery Manager is Disaster Recovery Software

Discover the industry-leading solution, VMware SRM, to enable application availability and mobility across sites in private cloud environments with policy-based management, non-disruptive testing and automated orchestration.

What Is Site Recovery Manager?

VMware SRM or Site Recovery Manager is an automation software that integrates with an underlying replication technology to provide policy-based management, non-disruptive testing and automated orchestration of recovery plans. It is designed for virtual machines and scalable to manage all applications in a VMware vSphere environment. To deliver flexibility and choice, it integrates natively with vSphere Replication and also supports a broad range of arraybased replication solutions available from all major VMware storage partners. VMware SRM natively leverages the benefits of VMware vSphere and can also take advantage of the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) architecture, integrating with other VMware solutions, such as VMware NSX (network virtualisation) and VMware Virtual SAN (hyper-converged software-defined storage). By allowing users to test and automate the migration process of applications between sites at scale with minimal or no downtime, Site Recovery Manager fulfills the needs for a variety of use cases, such as disaster recovery, disaster avoidance, planned data center migrations, site-level load balancing or even application maintenance testing. VMware SRM ensures fast and highly predictable recovery times, simplifies management through automation and minimises the total cost of ownership, making it the industry-leading solution to enable application availability and mobility across sites in private cloud environments.

Key Features and Capabilities

Traditional DR solutions that rely on manual processes often fail to meet business requirements because they are too expensive, complex and unreliable.

Organisations using VMware SRM obtain the following features and benefits.

  • Fast and reliable recovery – Site Recovery Manager automates every aspect of executing a recovery plan in order to accelerate recovery and eliminate the risks involved with manual processes
  • Zero-downtime application mobility – Site Recovery Manager can enable live migration of applications at scale between two sites when using a certified stretched solution
  • Integration – Site Recovery Manager also integrates with a broad range of replication solutions, allowing organisations to flexibly tailor topologies and recovery point objectives (RPO)
  • Simple and policy-based management – From the initial setup to the on-going management, Site Recovery Manager delivers simple and policy-based operations thanks to automation and integration with SDDC technology
  • Up to 50% lower TCO – Site Recovery Manager can dramatically lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) through management and testing automation that eliminates the complexity of manual processes, while enabling the use of technology that lower capital expense for recovery infrastructure
  • Site Recovery Manager can reduce total cost by up to 30% by replacing complex manual runbooks with simple, automated recovery plans that can be tested with ease and without disruption. For organisations with an RPO of 15 minutes or higher, vSphere Replication can eliminate another 20% in total cost by replacing licensing costs for array-based replication. The combined solution can save over USD $1,100 per protected virtual machine per year. These calculations were validated by a third-party global research firm

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