Wireless Deployment Planning

We can deliver you a Wireless solution that caters for your individual business, and specific site requirements.


To create a WLAN solution that works effectively, there are several considerations that have to be made, the multiple client device and application types that are required to perform over the wireless infrastructure is just the start, in addition to that you need to add the speed and complexity of 802.11n, the variety of potentially high demanding applications or high-density environments and the security risks, with so many factors to consider tricky deployment scenarios can easily arise, causing unexpected challenges to the success of your Wireless deployment.

Krome offer a comprehensive wireless deployment planning service to fully assess and effectively plan the solution prior to installation.

Assessing Your Requirements

To get started with your WLAN installation, Krome will examine the requirements of your implementation, including departmental, individual user, site, and application requirements, gaining a basic overview of what your Wireless network will need to support. We will identify mission critical applications, paying special attention to those that generate high levels of traffic and those requiring deterministic behavior. Once we have identified such applications we can then evaluate the expected service levels.

Effective Planning

Whether you are upgrading  from an existing WLAN or planning a completely new greenfields site Krome can fully evaluate and plan the deployment by using a WLAN planning tool and building floor plans. The planning tool is designed to help scope and plan a WiFi Deployment to determine the number of APs required to achieve an intended coverage, AP placement and data rates. This tool calculates the loss in signal strength as it passes through open air and various materials to show predicted coverage.

Upgrading from Existing Wi-Fi

If you are upgrading your existing WLAN, you already have plenty of data about how your current network is performing. Krome will initially perform a quick site survey with the existing access points in place, evaluating the current coverage, capacity, and type of APs (access points). Using the survey information allows us to make informed decisions about your new implementation. Krome will provide a report on how to achieve optimal results and performance with your new deployment, along with the quickest and most effective way to migrate systems.

New WLAN Deployment

In a new, or greenfield, WLAN deployment; when you do not have the benefit of an existing network for testing and analysis, the planning stage is more complex. Determining the scope of your WLAN deployment will have a major impact on capacity and coverage. Krome will evaluate users, applications, interference’s, devices and performance requirements, along with building plans and site information. Site plans and blueprints are hugely beneficial for planning as we are able to evaluate the building characteristics; location of elevators, load-bearing walls and material of walls. With this information loaded into the planning tool combined with our analysis of your service requirements we are able to comprehensively plan for your deployment.

Deploying with Confidence

Moving a large enterprise, or even a small one, to a WLAN for the very first time need not be daunting; with proper planning in place, you can prevent poor performance and eliminate unforeseen solution costs. By engaging with highly experienced Wireless deployment partner Krome Technologies to effectively assess and plan your deployment you can be assured that your WLAN solution is a success.

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