Aerohive Access Points

Aerohive access points for wireless networking provide the benefits of a controller-enabled wireless LAN solution without a controller or an overlay network. Below are a selection of the most popular Aerohive access points used by our clients, if you would like to discuss the full range of Aerohive Access Points, please contact us on 01932 232345.

AerohiveAccessPointsAP250Aerohive AP250 802.11ac Wave 2 Wireless Access Point

The AP250 is a 3×3:3, dual radio, 802.11ac Wave 2 Internal access point with a software selectable radio, designed for the best coverage and capacity. > Data Sheet

AerohiveAccessPoints-AP245xAerohive AP245X 802.11ac Wave 2 Wireless Access Point

The AP245X is a 3×3:3, dual radio, 802.11ac Wave 2 Internal access point with external antenna connectors and extended operational temperature range, engineered for the challenging indoor environments. > Data Sheet

AerohiveAccessPointsAP130Aerohive AP130 802.11ac Dual Radio Access Point

The AP130 is an entry level yet enterprise-grade, two radio (2×2) two stream MIMO 802.11ac Internal Access Point, engineered with uncompromising performance for high density environments. 
Data Sheet

AerohiveAccessPointsAP1130Aerohive AP1130 802.11ac Extreme Wi-Fi Access Point

The Aerohive AP1130 is a durable, enterprise-grade, high performance (2×2:2) 802.11ac MIMO solution, specially designed for external/outdoor high-bandwidth-demand wireless deployments in harsh environments. > Data Sheet

AerohiveAccessPointsAP1130AntennaAerohive AP1130 5GHz Directional Antenna

The AP1130 5GHz Directional Antenna is an outdoor single-band (5GHz) antenna with 18dBi gain. The antenna is ideally suited for long distance point-point applications such as secure bridging between buildings for short to mid-distance. > Data Sheet

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Aerohive unleashes the potential of enterprise Wi-Fi, enabling customers to stop buying copper, to move applications to the air, and to maximise workforce productivity.