Citrix XenApp

Deliver Windows and web business applications to any device while enhancing data security, reducing costs and empowering productivity.

Citrix XenApp is the industry’s leading solution for application and desktop delivery, with over 100 million users worldwide. Citrix XenApp enables secure, remote access to Windows applications and server desktops from any device, over any network. Applications and desktops are secured in the datacenter to protect sensitive information and enhance corporate security.

XenApp now enables employees to access Linux virtual desktops side-by-side with Windows resources for a complete workspace experience.

CitrixCloud-IconAdaptive to changing business needs

Citrix XenApp can address a broad range of use cases by delivering a full desktop or just applications based on an individual employee’s role or device. A rich set of capabilities and flexible architecture enable IT to be more agile in a rapidly changing workplace.

CitrixSecure-IconSecure by design

The industry’s only solution to be Common Criteria certified and native FIPS 140-2 compliant, Citrix XenApp reduces the risk of data loss and prevents unwanted intrusions by securely delivering access to business applications on demand to any user based on location and device specific features and security configurations.

CitrixPeople-IconHigh-definition experience

(HDX) from any device HDX technology delivers a superior, high-definition user experience on any device. HDX goes beyond any competing solution, ensuring employees have a native-like experience wherever they are, even when network connections are less than ideal.


How XenApp helps

  • Mobilise Windows, Web, SaaS and Linux applications – XenApp instantly empowers employees with mobile access to applications hosted on Windows and Linux operating systems for use on any device, anywhere.
  • Secure contractor, partner and remote employee access – XenApp provides granular access control, advanced system monitoring and an inherently secure architecture by providing remote access to Windows apps and desktops secured in the datacenter.
  • Deliver design and engineering applications to any device – XenApp securely delivers real-time, remote access to centralised design resources, providing high-end designers and engineers access to 3D professional graphics applications on any device.
  • Reduce cost and complexity of application and desktop management – XenApp is an industry-proven solution for improving operational efficiencies, reducing costs and streamlining app management. It allows employees to securely access sensitive corporate resources from a variety of devices.
  • Enable bring-your own device (BYOD) in the enterprise – XenApp enables IT to deliver on-demand apps and desktops to any device making it easy for IT to securely enable enterprise BYOD initiatives.

Citrix Consultancy

As an accredited Citrix Consultancy Partner we have a dedicated team of accredited Citrix consultants & engineers, all with vast experience in designing and deploying Citrix solutions.  If you would like to discuss how your enterprise could benefit from Citrix XenApp  or you would like to speak to one of our virtualisation specialists to understand how Krome Technologies can enable you to maximise your investment in Virtualisation, then please contact us or complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

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Citrix Silver Solutions Advisor

As an accredited Citrix Silver Solution Advisor we have a dedicated team of accredited Citrix consultants & engineers, all with vast experience in designing and deploying Citrix solutions.