Flexible, Scalable, Secure – Two Factor Authentication at its Best

Trusted by major global enterprises, Swivel Secure is a proven, flexible authentication platform that’s helping millions of people work more efficiently, and enhancing network security.

Whatever security challenges you face, the Swivel Secure solution enables you to seamlessly customise an appropriate strong authentication solution to meet your needs.

Providing security for Cloud, Web, VPN and VDI applications, the Swivel authentication platform offers the widest choice of authentication options available on the market. The Swivel platform supports tokenless and hardware tokens providing two factor authentication via SMS, Mobile App, OATH Tokens and Telephony and strong authentication via integrated in-browser imagery.

When looking to deploy stronger authentication, you need a solution that not only meets your security requirements now but provides you with the flexibility to adapt and change to your security and two factor authentication compliancy needs in the future.

Swivel Secure AuthControl Sentry Authentication Platform

The Swivel multi-factor authentication platform has been designed so that you can tailor your authentication requirements to your exacting security policies. Offering both tokenless and token-based one-time-code delivery and PUSH based authentication, you can be sure that your networks, systems, applications, data and brand are well protected.

To simplify administration and your users’ lives, Sentry provides a seamless and unified approach to authentication. Using the Swivel login portal, all authentication requests can be routed and controlled via the Unified Login Page based on risk policies that you define. The result is a more secure, multi-layered verification, with transparent user friendly delivery.

  • OneTouch PUSH gives you the convenience of verification at the touch of a button: Choose to authenticate quickly and easily with AuthControl Sentry’s PUSH based option; a notification message appears on the users mobile asking them to accept or reject the authentication by the simple press of a button, no codes required, simple, fast and secure.
  • Easy End-user Data Access, not Easy Access for Hackers! Swivel Secure AuthControl Sentry’s adaptive approach to authentication combines our tried and tested validation software, with a large array of intelligent authentication options; a risk & rules based policy engine working in tandem with a Unified Login Page so data access remains safe. A range of static and dynamic risk-based capabilities ensure optimal user experience without compromising efficiency or security.
  • Unified Login: Provides optimal user experience even whilst enforcing strict security policies. A risk profile to be built and applied to any user and service. The centralised control of the login page allows easy rollout of authentication. A simple way to control how an application is accessed, the type of authentication challenge to be applied and whether a user should have access decided by various location based factors.

Swivel Secure AuthControl Cloud Authentication Platform

The Swivel Cloud service is based on the established and award winning solution AuthControl Sentry. The Sentry platform has been moved to the Cloud to provide an authentication service without the need for local install or management.

  • Dedicated Instance : Each AuthControl Cloud customer, has their own dedicated virtual instance; providing complete peace of mind. You do not share a virtual space, unlike most cloud based solutions, so your data security is maximised.
  • Pricing Model: To reflect the different nature of a cloud service, Swivel Secure offer our cloud platform with a license for PUPM.
  • Hosting & Availability: AuthControl Cloud leverages the scale and resilience of the Amazon AWS platform. We provide customers the option to select where AuthControl Cloud runs their instance, as well as the choice of storage geo-location;  EU, USA or APAC.
  • Secure Account Provisioning: Linking a Cloud service to your local AD, can be a security risk. Swivel Secure have approached this challenge by developing an AD Agent. The AD Agent is installed locally on a customers server. The Agent syncs to the AD, monitoring nominated AD groups and then sends that account information over HTTPS to the Swivel Cloud.

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