Network Integration Specialists

Our network integration specialists can work with you to design your edge or core network from the ground up, or refresh your existing, or inherited networking solution

Your network is the glue that holds your business together; no matter how fast your PC’s or your servers are, they are always limited by the networking solution that connects them.

With an increasing amount of focus being put on such technologies as virtualisation and remote enablement of the work force, it is imperative that your local network and your wide area network are able to support the pressures demanded of them.

Our high accredited consultants will deliver a comprehensive network design, taking into consideration all aspects of your existing environment and your current and future business demands. We are also able to provide full network audits and health checks for clients looking to evaluate their current environment configuration.

Dedicated Infrastructure Team

As part of our end-to-end networking offering we have a dedicated infrastructure network integration specialist team that focus specifically in the installation of structured  network cabling and communications room equipment, this can include the design and implementation of all aspects of internal and external copper and fibre backbone cabling including mains power.

Whether you are relocating your office or datacentre, launching a new greenfield site, adding to, or just upgrading your existing network, we have an accredited team of engineers on hand to work with you to provide a comprehensive solution, tailored to the exact requirements of your individual business.