Cybersecurity Vulnerability Assessment

With a constantly evolving attack surface, new vulnerabilities are discovered each day; what would you find on your network?

Unsecured remote connections? Out of date equipment? Missing patches? Unsupported operating systems? Configuration issues? Malware installed? Viruses?

How do you identify, quantify and prioritise the remediation of these vulnerabilities?

Our vulnerability assessment, powered by Nessus Pro, provides a point-in-time assessment that will identify and analyse your current network vulnerabilities, on both internal and external devices and applications. Our scan will highlight where your systems are vulnerable and will report on your remediation actions, in order of severity and priority.

Our Vulnerability Assessment Process

In order to identify and scan the devices inside your environment, we will require remote access to a virtual machine or physical server/pc on your network. We scan your environment externally
from machines within our datacentre.

Using the scanning tool we will initiate an internal and external vulnerability scanning assessment which will identify any areas of weakness, including software flaws, missing patches,
malware and misconfiguration across a variety of operating systems, devices and applications.

The scan can be targeted at any device with an IP address including:

• Network devices
• Mobile devices, for vulnerabilities against policies
• Operating systems
• Applications within devices, ranging from small driver update utilities to complex Office productivity suites

The scan provides a point-in-time analysis that our team of consultants will review. Using the data collected, we will provide a detailed report summarising all of the security vulnerabilities discovered, along with a suggested plan for resilience improvement, clearly prioritising the remediation issues required.

If you would like us to assist in the remediation, then using the data captured in the scan, we can either provide you with remote or on-site assistance to resolve the vulnerabilities detected. Alternatively, we can leave you with the report to make your own internal updates. We can then re-scan your environment again up to 30 days later to ensure that the remediation was successful.

This can be delivered as a single point-in-time assessment to help you quickly understand where you have vulnerabilities or we can run this regularly for you as part of a managed service.

Advanced Vulnerability Assessment Service

In addition to our standard vulnerability assessment, we can also provide an added level to the service. Using other cybersecurity products within our portfolio we can deploy further inspection tools to analyse your cybersecurity provisions. A firewall assessment, for example, in which we passively inspect and analyse your traffic in a non-intrusive manner, providing detailed information on how many known and unknown threats were identified, what applications are delivering malware/exploits, identify high-risk processes and applications, and provide an overall check on the effectiveness of your current Firewall. We can also assess your current levels of password security and the policies around them, providing you with a summary of any users that are using insecure passwords, expired passwords, and privileged account access.

If you would be interested to learn more about how our vulnerability assessment services can help you to understand where your systems are the most vulnerable, and the steps required to protect your critical data, please contact us on 01932 232345.

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