Infrastructure as a Service

Create a cost effective and easy to scale IT infrastructure with Krome’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service (commonly referred to as IaaS) is one of the three pillars of cloud computing, alongside Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).  As with all cloud computing services, Infrastructure as a Service enables you to have access to computing resources provide from a virtualised environment, namely “the Cloud”, across a public internet connection.

IaaS can be utilised by a range of customers to create a cost effective and easy to scale IT infrastructures or solutions where the pain and complexity as well as the high capital expenditure of managing the physical environment are outsourced to the service provider. This model gives the client the ultimate flexibility to flex their compute requirements up or down as their business requires, without having to spend large amounts of capital budget.

We provide a number of IaaS options that can be utilised by our clients, such as:

Pure Infrastructure as a Service

Our clients can tap into our IaaS platform, given them a limitless amount of compute power, provided securely over the internet. We must ensure that the connectivity is sized correctly to enable a service that meets or exceeds what is currently in place, as well as providing redundant diverse connectivity, so that in the event that the primary connection fails, that our clients can still operate. The client has full control of the environment, with true self-service and the ability to grow or shrink on an instantaneous basis as required.

Cloud Based Hosting Services

By hosting websites in the cloud upon a virtual server or servers, provided by a multi-tenanted, highly redundant, pooled resource that is load balanced across a number of physical resources, potentially across a number of physical DC’s, the client is directly benefited by the redundancy that such a configuration offers, this is hugely beneficial to anyone that operates in the E-Commerce world, where down time is hugely damaging to both the bottom line, but also the business market reputation.

Virtual Data Centers (commonly referred to as VDC’s)

VDC’s are made up of a virtualised network of interconnected multi-tenanted virtual servers which are utilised to offer an enhanced cloud hosting capability to the client in question, allowing them to integrate all of their operations within either a private or public cloud configuration.

 Common benefits to utilising an IaaS platform are:

  •  Scalability – the resource is available as and when the you require it, given instantaneous resolution to your business’s needs, no more waiting for hardware to be delivered and configured, what you need immediately, but with the ability to ensure no wastage of capacity.
  • No more investment in hardware – We provide and support the underpinning physical layer, you only pay for what you consume, and it is our job to ensure the platform is fit for purpose and online all the time.
  • Pay only for what you use – How many projects have started with the question “but where will we be in 5 years’ time”, not only is the question impossible to answer, it is littered with risk as it means that you are investing today, in a platform that you will ultimately have to grow into to realise the value of your investment. How many times have you invested in over specified platform to cover of the “what if?”, this is wasteful and makes no commercial sense; the ability to flex into to cloud and only to pay for what you consume is logical and offers far less risk as a commercial and operational proposition.
  • Remove your dependence on the location of the physical hardware – by utilising cloud based services, you can access the system from anywhere, providing it complies with your security mandates and you have connection to the internet.
  • Security – the security of having your data removed from your site and stored in a highly secure N+2 location not only enables you more freedom from a compute perspective, but it also offers you greater security. If someone wanted to maliciously damage your data centre, they simply cannot. Even if they identified your cloud provider, the level of security on the data centres that we utilise to provide our IaaS offering is, for the most part, far superior to that in place for most clients at their own locations.

Removing all single points of failure – in an on premise environment, there is almost always a single point of failure, be it a server backplane, the power or internet connectivity, there are increasingly difficult and expensive to remove; of course having a multi-site, replicated environment resolves this, but adds a huge amount of complexity and indeed cost in having to purchase and manage multiple depreciating assets, as well as having to find a way to sensibly invoke automated DR services, or to suffer the pain of a manual invocation as not everyone will trust or afford and automated solution. With an IaaS solution, your service is delivered from a platform that is truly able to offer 100% uptime, and providing you can reach a connection to the internet, your business is available to you, and your clients.

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