Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Virtualised Next-Generation Firewall

The Palo Alto Networks VM Series is a virtualised form factor of the Palto Alto Networks next-generation firewall that can be deployed in a range of public and private cloud computing environments based on technologies from VMware, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft,  Citrix and KVM.

In both private and public cloud environments, the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series can be deployed as a perimeter gateway, an IPsec VPN termination point, and a segmentation gateway, preventing threats from moving from workload to workload.

Next-Generation Security for Your Virtualised Data Center

The Palo Alto Networks VM Series combines next-generation firewall security and advanced threat prevention to protect your virtualised environments from advanced cyberthreats. The VM-Series natively analyses all traffic in a single pass to determine the application identity, the content within, and the user identity.

These core elements of your business can then be used as integral components of your security policy, enabling you to improve your security efficacy through a positive control model and reduce your incident response time though complete visibility into applications across all ports.

Securing the Private Cloud

Defined as an environment in which you are responsible for the management of all aspects of the virtualisation, hardware, compute, networking, security, and so forth, a private cloud is often considered to be an extension of your existing data center. The VM-Series enables you to protect your private cloud infrastructure using application enablement policies while simultaneously preventing known and unknown threats. The VM-Series supports the following private cloud environments: VMware ESXi and NSX, Citrix Netscaler SDX, Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM/OpenStack.

Securing the Public Cloud

Defined as a ready-made compute, networking and storage environment, the public cloud brings ubiquitous access to users, rapid scalability to address workload “bursts,” and infrastructure consistency. In a public cloud, ensuring your applications and data are kept safe from attackers is your responsibility, and that is where the VM-Series can help.

The VM-Series protects your public cloud infrastructure using application enablement policies while simultaneously preventing known and unknown threats. The VM-Series supports the following public cloud environments: VMware vCloud Air™, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Protecting Mission-Critical Applications and Data Using Zero Trust Principles

Security best practices dictate that your mission-critical applications and data should be isolated in secure segments using Zero Trust (“never trust, always verify”) principles as a means of controlling access.

Our zone-based policy architecture enables you to use the VM-Series to build access control policies based on the application and the user, effectively segmenting the applications and protecting east-west traffic between virtual machines.

Blocking Lateral Movement of Cyberthreats

Today’s cyberthreats commonly compromise an individual workstation, or user, and then move across the network, looking for a target. Within your virtual network, cyberthreats move laterally from VM to VM in an east-west manner, placing your mission-critical applications and data at risk.

Exerting application-level control using Zero Trust principles in between VMs will reduce the threat footprint while applying policies to block both known and unknown threats.

The Palo Alto Networks VM Series

The VM-Series is comprised of the VM-1000-HV, VM-300, VM-200 and VM-100. To learn more about the VM-Series performance and capacities, please see the datasheet below.

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