Aerohive Networks Solutions

Aerohive is a cloud networking company that provides comprehensive access solutions to organisations requiring wireless and mobile access to applications.

Aerohive Networks wired and wireless LAN solutions deliver secure, mobility optimised, enterprise-class access to every site—from a large campus or headquarters to remote branches and single teleworker offices – with consistent, predictable service, maximum security, and is optimized for application reliability.

Aerohive Key Differentiators

  • Cooperative Control – Controller-less Wi-Fi architecture eliminates WLAN controllers and reduces costs
  • Public or private cloud management – Moves Capex to Opex and lets you start small and grow your network gradually
  • Zero-touch provisioning – Ship devices to each site, plug them in, and they will automatically find the cloud system for its configuration
  • Application reporting & visibility – View all applications on the network and control the quality and access to them from the cloud
  • Cloud-enabled mobility management – Simplifies and automates onboarding, management, and troubleshooting of connected mobile devices
  • Unified wired & wireless – Deploy switches with Aerohive AP’s or routers to enable unified, consistent policy enforcement to wired & wireless users

Aerohive Access Points

Aerohive’s WLAN Access Points are an innovative class of wireless infrastructure equipment powered by Cooperative Control technology to provide the benefits of a controller-based Wi-Fi solution, without requiring a controller or an overlay network. APs are organised into “hives” that share control information between them, and enable functions like fast secure L2/L3 roaming, coordinated RF management, security, QoS, and mesh networking.

Aerohive Routers

Aerohive’s routers combine 802.11n performance, enterprise grade security, and wired/wireless connectivity via the cloud. Aerohive routers can be easily provisioned for maximum convenience and cost-effectiveness. Routers require no end-user intervention, but rather get configuration details that are pushed from HiveManager once the device identity is verified. The result is a unique, zero-touch branch office network that is enabled by simply plugging in the router.

Aerohive Switches

Built on the HiveOS operating system, the SR switches offer gigabit PoE switching with advanced features such as QoS. In addition, the SRs integrate secure branch routing, 3G/4G connectivity, and advanced switching to provide an all-in-one solution for branch offices. Also, cloud-based services such as on demand provisioning, hands-free configuration and updates, and unified wired and wireless policies allow the SRs to provide enterprise-class experience for connected users.

Cloud Services Platform

The Aerohive Cloud Services Platform is a globally distributed, cloud-based infrastructure that is home to Aerohive-developed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. The Cloud Services Platform also leverages the patent-pending Cloud Proxy feature to seamlessly integrate a set of partner cloud applications. The result is robust cloud-enabled network solutions for Aerohive customers that are provisioned through Aerohive’s own HiveManager Online SaaS.

Network Management

Aerohive Networks HiveManager is a management system for Aerohive networking products. HiveManager enables simple policy creation, firmware upgrades, configuration updates, and centralised monitoring from a single console. HiveManager can be virtualised to deliver a public cloud solution, integrated into an enterprise’s own virtualised data center on a platform such as VMware, or can be delivered on a hardened appliance.

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Aerohive Networks Partner

Aerohive unleashes the potential of enterprise Wi-Fi, enabling customers to stop buying copper, to move applications to the air, and to maximise workforce productivity.