Ransomware Protection Assessment

Rise in Ransomware - Ransomware Protection Assessment

Ransomware is one of the biggest concerns to organisations today.

Ransomware is a type of cyber-attack where the attacker successfully gains access to your systems, encrypts your files and the data on your network and demands a ransom in order for them to be released.

In 2020, Ransomware cases grew by 150%, with an estimated 4,000 attacks taking place around the world daily.

The average cost of recovery from a Ransomware attack is now close to $2 million, and it is not just large enterprises that are under attack, an estimated 70% of attacks are on small businesses.

Ransomware Protection Preperaton

To ensure you are protected, it is recommended that you proactively evaluate the measures you have in place and have a strategic, documented plan that will ensure that, in the event you are comprised, you can quickly recover, with minimal downtime or cost.

For customers that are unsure of what measures are required and the steps needed to implement an effective Ransomware protection and recovery plan, we offer this as a one day* assessment service.

How does our Ransomware Protection Assessment work?

One of our experienced specialists will undertake an analysis of your current data protection procedures, systems and policies and will evaluate whether you are likely to successfully recover in the event of an attack.

We will evaluate any potential weaknesses and make recommendations on how you can strengthen your defences; whilst the ultimate aim is to ensure that your systems are protected against an attack, the objective of this assessment is to ensure that, should you be compromised, your data is recoverable, and you can remain operational without having to pay extortionate ransom fees or suffer any devasting consequences.

Many organisations believe they have the systems and measures in place to recover from a breach, however having an independent analysis often reveals critical areas left unconsidered, our review includes:

  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Backup schedule
  • Data immutability
  • Snapshot schedule
  • Data replication
  • Systems monitoring
  • Recovery Point Objectives RPOs
  • Recovery Time Objectives RTOs
  • Internal responsibilities and capabilities

Why Krome?

Having worked with a number organisations, of all sizes, delivering cyber security solutions, data protection, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, our expert team of technical consultants have extensive experience in designing systems that protect business critical data, from every eventuality.

With the rise in Ransomware attacks becoming a growing threat to every business, an increasing number of clients are requesting our guidance, to help them define strategic recovery plans in the event of a breach.

*Professional services time quoted is estimated and subject to scope. The assessment service is flexible and can be tailored to your specific infrastructure requirements.

In addition to our Ransomware Protection assessment, we also offer additional security assessment services including:

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