Client Devices

We offer the latest laptop, tablet and PC technology from the leading client vendors

Whether you are looking at refreshing your entire client estate or require a partner to work with you on an ad-hoc PC refresh basis, Krome can supply you with Laptops, PCs, Tablets and Computing Accessories from a range of leading vendors including the likes of Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple and more.

Our internal supply team specialises in assisting clients with the procurement of all day to day client hardware and software, ensuring our clients are purchasing in the most cost effective manner. Our sales team work closely with clients to understand their requirements and will only recommend the most appropriate products that fit your business and budget needs.

We can work with you as a standard supply and direct shipment partner or we can offer you a comprehensive Nationwide Deployment service, or full Desktop Transformation service.

Nationwide Refresh Deployment Service

Many of our clients have multiple sites around the UK, some with limited or no IT expertise in house, Krome’s deployment services can solve the ongoing problems posed by rolling out replacement equipment quickly and efficiently. Krome will go to site and will manage anything from the deployment of one single machine, to thousands of devices over multiple sites. Our level of service remains consistent throughout, every order is fulfilled with the same care and attention no matter what the requirement; ensuring end user satisfaction through 100% achievement of SLA targets.

If required Krome can do a full pre delivery config of PCs and laptops by pre imaging  and testing at our headquarters prior to delivery. Krome utilise secure network connections (VPN, MPLS- client dependent) and various software delivery options (dependent on the client’s preference) to push/pull/drop images over the wire, ensuring that the equipment delivered is as “plug and play” as it can be, greatly reducing service interruption to our client’s users.

Whether you are looking at a small PC refresh, laptop or tablet refresh, or a nationwide client device roll out Krome can provide you with the competitive pricing and expert professional services required to meet your business demands.

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