Phishing Assessment Service

Phishing Assessment Service

Evaluate and educate end-users to strengthen your security measures from within.

Cybercriminals continue to create and send thousands of phishing attacks daily. With such a sharp rise in numbers and an increase in their sophistication, phishing is now a major security concern.

Our Phishing Assessment Service enables companies to analyse the human vulnerabilities within the business; organisations will have firewalls, threat prevention, anti-virus, zero-day tools etc, which are all a normal part of any IT security infrastructure, but what is often the forgotten vulnerability, is the human element.

By regularly evaluating and educating your end users you can create an additional security layer – the human firewall.

Daily phishing threats are now estimated at over 25,000.

Research shows that training your staff reduces your risk by up to 80%.

Evaluate the human risk

Cybercriminals play on users’ fear, curiosity, and insecurities, encouraging them to think they are clicking on trusted links; as the sophistication of the phishing attacks rise, they are now seemingly legitimate-looking requests, from recognised organisations or brands, and unfortunately, they are regularly catching people out.

Regular and controlled phishing assessments enable an organisation to measure their internal risk, delivering valuable insights into where any human security weakness resides, with immediate remedial training delivered if a nefarious link is clicked or a phishing email is opened.

Our phishing assessment service offers critical management reporting on the overall level of vulnerabilities found across the users of your business.

Our phishing platform will create fake phishing attempts, targeted to specific user groups or department, by remote or in-house staff, designing specific attacks relevant to their role or location etc. This enables the business to deliver bespoke training sessions to the users or teams that need it the most.

How does the Phishing Assessment Service work?

Using our phishing simulation platform we link securely with your Active Directory.

• A series of phishing content is created, tailored to your company
• Fake phishing emails are sent out to specific users/groups
• Analyse and report back on success/failure of emails and users
• We identify weaknesses and deliver user awareness training
• Re-test users following training by sending out revised emails
• Re-direct users for further training upon failure
• Benchmark and report on trends and revise testing based on findings

We can deliver the service as a single point-in-time assessment to help you quickly understand where you have vulnerabilities and to provide training for your staff, however we strongly recommend that you regularly test and educate, as part of your security strategy, to strengthen your security measures from within.

Find out more – Download Phishing Assessment Datasheet

Managed Phishing Assessment Service

Phishing is another rising attack vector that requires your IT team’s attention and time, our managed Phishing Assessment and Training Service eliminates the internal burden on your own IT resources.

Our experienced team will set up the phishing simulation platform, configure and execute the first series of emails.

The results will be analysed, user training will be provided and a full report of the findings will be submitted.

Following this initial assessment, the data would be reviewed, working collaboratively with you we will then agree on the required recurring schedule. Some clients choose to run testing quarterly, some select monthly, but with a quarterly review and analysis report.

The service is flexible and can be tailored to your specific requirements based on the assessment findings.

In addition to our phishing assessment, we also offer additional security assessment services including:

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