Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services, alleviating your internal burden of every day infrastructure support incidents

Krome offer a range of consultancy and technical support services tailored around each individual client’s requirements. We can provide you with consultants that will work with you in house to prepare for, or complete, a specific project, or we can provide a token based support offering allowing you to utilise our expertise as and when you require it.

Technical Support

Ad-Hoc Technical Support – Post Paid

If you require technical support but do not have a support contract in place with Krome you can still receive support from our helpdesk, this will be conducted on a “best endeavors” basis,  whereby we will attempt to resolve any issues you have as quickly as possible, once a call is logged with our technical support helpdesk. Charges are subject to a minimum of 2 hours for call-out to site, or billed in 30 minute blocks when you call our helpdesk.

Ad-Hoc Technical Support – Pre-Paid

Krome offer a pre purchased technical support service which allows you to pre purchase a set amount of support time, you can then utilise your allocated technical support time as and when required. As part of your support we will also offer you a regular site visit, either monthly or quarterly, depending on your preference. By purchasing your support in blocks in advance this will reduce your hourly rate charge. We will, as with the post-paid support service, provide a monthly report on support used. When you drop to 2 hours or below remaining in support, our team will contact you with the option to pre-buy another block of support time to retain your discount.

Fixed Cost Technical Support

Krome also offer “all inclusive” fixed cost technical support packages. These packages are tailored to the individual support needs of the customer and priced accordingly for those organisations looking to fix the cost of their technical support.

Prior to any fixed priced support agreement we will carry out an infrastructure audit that will ensure that we can connect to your network and support all required elements. We will also provide you with recommendations for any enhancements we believe would improve your infrastructure.

Technical Support Helpdesk

Our Technical Support Helpdesk is staffed between 8:30am – 6:00pm standard working days. We also offer an out of hours support line to customers who have purchased extended hours support. Our in-house helpdesk is staffed by a number of first line support engineers who will answer your initial query and field any incoming support calls; they are then backed up by a number of senior engineers who can be utilised for points of escalation, should first line technicians be unable to diagnose and resolve issues in the first instance.

Krome use a variety of remote control support systems to enable our IT support team to dial-in remotely to a client site.  This means that approximately 85% of support issues are now resolved without the need for a site visit, ensuring the fastest possible log-to-fix time for our clients.  By resolving most problems without the need for site visits, we are able to fix problems rapidly; from the point the client logs a call with our support team.

Online Support Portal

All of our clients have access to the Krome secure online support portal. You can use the portal to log support tickets (incidents) and track their progress. All responses are made via the portal are then tracked and you will receive an update when the case is progressed, updated or closed keeping you informed throughout the journey of each incident.

When viewing your tickets, you can see the entire history, including all open and closed tickets. These are viewable at all times for you to inspect all of your support history created by yourself or perhaps the staff members within your organisation. The ticket reference ID’s will also show on your monthly contract review or monthly invoice for pre-paid support, giving you full accountability and transparency of your service contract.

Technical Secondment

Many companies require additional technical support or consultancy services on a temporary, or part time basis to assist with specific projects or even just with the daily running of their systems. Utilising a member of Krome’s Technical Secondment team at your own premises allows you to have on-site technical resource available as and when it is required. Our on premise technical consultant will have a full grasp of your business needs, your overall infrastructure along with any of your day to day business processes, without having the commitment of a full time employee.

If you would like to know more about our range of technical support and consultancy services, or would like an online demo of our support portal, please contact us or complete the below form and a member of the Krome team will be in contact.

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