Technical Secondment Services

On-Site Resource for Temporary or Part Time Assignment

Why would you need technical secondment? Many companies require additional technical support or consultancy services to assist with specific projects or even just with the day to day running of their systems, this can be for a number of reasons such as:

  • No internal IT resource
  • Not enough internal IT resource / simply just a lack of time
  • Staff holidays or extended absence
  • Specific knowledge needed around certain products or technologies
  • Remote sites which need cover where internal team is centrally based

Utilising a member of Krome’s team for technical secondment at your own site allows you have on-site temporary technical resource available when it’s needed, someone that understands your business needs, your overall infrastructure along with your day to day business processes, without having the commitment of a full time employee.

Krome Technical Secondment Services

Technical Expertise Available

Tier 1 – Entry Level Support & Daily Tasks

For example: Desktop support, backup management, user requests, standard Active Directory tasks (adding users, password reset etc.), anti-virus and security policies, peripheral management and troubleshooting.

Tier 2 – High Level Support & Systems Management

For example: High level user support, group policy amendments, physical and virtual machine management, storage management, disaster recovery systems, server deployment and management.

Tier 3 – Expert & High End Infrastructure

For example: Our Tier 3 specialists have a wealth of professional expertise that can cover any and all of your high level technical requirements. Krome will select the specific engineer for your particular needs to deliver the highest levels of support as required.

The Key Advantages

  • Comprehensive Skills Matrix: If a technical secondment team member on site confronts a problem that they are not familiar with, they are able to call on all of Krome’s expertise, ranging from our storage specialists, networking experts to the email and cloud services team. This is particularly relevant when using a Tier 1 support team member on site as you will get the benefit of them being able to call on a wealth of higher level experience within our wider team.
  • Training & Certification: All training costs and certifications are covered by Krome for our team. Engineers working with you on a technical secondment basis will have tailored pre-contract training to suit your needs, with the added advantage of the engineer still working at Krome when they are not with you for training updates and discussions with the rest of the in-house team.
  • Single Point of Contact Onsite: The technical secondment consultant becomes integrated with your own team (IT team or general business), working with you in partnership to ensure your own internal staff develop an in-depth knowledge of the environment and become far more proactive, preventing problems rather than just solving them.
  • No Recruitment Hassle or Fees: We spare you the difficulty of dealing with recruitment agencies and multiple candidates to choose from as well as the costs of hiring and training staff yourself.
  • Holiday Cover: Holiday cover will be provided by Krome by an equally capable technical member of staff from our team, they will have an understanding of your environment from contact with your technician and detailed reports and logs kept on the systems we support.

If you would like to speak to one of the team about Krome’s Technical Secondment Services please contact us on: 01932 232345 or email or alternatively complete the below information and a member of the team will be in contact.

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