Data Centre Solutions

Whatever the requirement, Krome’s team of industry experienced professionals can help. 

With years of experience in assisting clients of varying sized estates, to design, implement and support IT data centre solutions that have been carefully designed to meet each individual clients unique requirements.

Our team of seasoned experts, will work with you from the inception of a project, through design stages, highlighting the risk and rewards of a given strategy, working with you to tailor a data centre solution that fits your needs, both operationally and commercially.

The technology that we host in our data centres has evolved greatly over the last 10 years, however many traditional data centre designs are still based on the requirements of legacy technology. Our team is at the forefront of modern data centre design, basing our solutions around the requirements of modern technology, ensuring that our designs are relevant and are able to deliver true value.  By factoring in the true requirements of the technology hosted in the data centre, we mitigate waste from a heat and power perspective, returning measurable financial return to our clients.

If you would like to understand how your data centre can be made more efficient, then contact us today to discuss our comprehensive range of data centre solutions.