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97% of Krome’s Clients Stated They Would Recommend Us.

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From our 2021 client satisfaction survey, we are delighted to announce that 97% of Krome’s clients stated they would recommend Krome to others, and 29% already have.

To ensure that we are meeting, or exceeding expectations, we survey our clients annually and share the results publicly.

Krome’s annual client satisfaction survey was sent out throughout January and February 2022 to all of Krome’s clients that had worked with Krome throughout 2021. Conducting a client satisfaction survey allows us to be committed to delivering a superior level of service to all of our clients, to ensure they are satisfied with the quality of services and support they have been provided with, and allows us to identify and make improvements in any areas needed.

We received a response rate of 44% from the clients that were surveyed, these responses ranged from new clients to Krome in 2021, to long-term clients that have dealt with Krome for 5 or more years.

Out of the responses received:

  • 97% of our clients stated they would recommend Krome to others
  • 29% of our clients stated they had already recommended Krome

Achieving a high level of satisfaction across every area of the business

We are thrilled to report that we are consistently achieving a high level of satisfaction across every area of the business, with the vast majority of our clients rating us as good, excellent or exceptional.

  • 99% of clients rated our professional services as good to exceptional
  • 98% of clients rated our sales department as good to exceptional
  • 97% of clients rated our pre-sales as good to exceptional
  • 96% of clients rated our installation & delivery team as good to exceptional
  • 96% of clients rated our security services as good to exceptional
  • To read the full report please click here

We will continue to use the feedback provided in our annual survey to drive improvements in all areas of the business. In response to the feedback from our survey last year we have subsequently implemented several systems and internal process changes, which has had a positive impact both internally and externally.

How we compare to our peers

It is clear to see from our client feedback that our clients value the way in which we deliver our business. Whilst our physical product offering is not unique, the agile way in which we work, the way that we personally interact and communicate with our clients and ultimately the fact that we will go above and beyond to deliver on our promises are what elevates us above our peers.

When asking our clients to compare us to other suppliers, 19% rated us as good, 60% rated us as excellent and 19% rated us as exceptional.

“It is hard to think who I can compare Krome to, as the detail driven, customer focused team within Krome is exceptional, and with this in mind, is second to none.”

Client feedback provided in the survey.

Service is at the heart of everything we do.

Ensuring that we are meeting, or exceeding client expectations is at the heart of everything we do. The results from our annual client satisfaction survey allow us to continuously monitor and improve our services, using this data we continue to grow our team where required, enhance our processes and improve our internal systems to ensure that we are meeting our clients’ service level expectations and setting industry-leading standards.

2021 was another challenging year for us all, with the continued Covid restrictions, remote working, staff wellness, and industry-wide stock shortages, having an impact on both our internal and clients operations, we have remained focused on delivering high service levels across all of our departments. We are delighted to see from the 2021 feedback, that we have achieved this, but remain equally as committed to raising our standards further in the future, continuously striving to improve our services to deliver the highest level of client satisfaction possible.

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“Working with Krome feels like they’re part of your team. It doesn’t feel like a client or service provider dynamic, which is really refreshing.”

Client feedback provided in the survey.

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