Cloud Computing

Your business must be agile to succeed and you need the right infrastructure foundation. We can help accelerate the apps that run your business today and tomorrow through new delivery models such as cloud computing and SAAS.

Many business are looking to the cloud as part of their future IT strategy, however with so many providers in the market offering differing advice and cloud services models, it can be difficult to ascertain which model would best suit your individual business.

At Krome we take a consultancy led approach to helping our clients understand how a cloud computing model could assist them to achieve their business goals. By working with our clients to understand their business plans and overall long term objectives, we are able to identify and jointly construct an IT strategy that is focused on goal achievement.

By remaining agnostic and working with a number of highly accredited, dynamic cloud providers, as well as providing in house cloud based services, we are able to construct a unique solution that is formulated around what your business is trying to achieve.

The ability to be able to construct solutions from a number of external and in-house resources means that we are able to provide a solution that is a true fit for your individual requirement, we don’t have to shoe horn your business into an unsuitable platform.