Comprehensive Infrastructure Services

Highly experienced with all aspects of infrastructure design and deployment. 

Your network is the glue that holds your business together; no matter how fast your PC’s or your servers are, they are always limited by the networking solution that connects them.

Our highly accredited infrastructure design and deployment team can work with you to design your edge & core network from the ground up whether that be a redesign of your existing system, or an inherited legacy networking solution.

Our consultants will deliver a comprehensive network design, taking into consideration all aspects of your existing environment and your current and future business demands.

We are also able to provide full network audits and health checks for clients looking to evaluate their current environment configuration.

Comprehensive Expertise Across Industries

Whether you are relocating your office or data centre, launching a new greenfield site, adding to, or just upgrading your existing infrastructure, we have an accredited team of consultants on hand to work with you to provide a comprehensive solution, tailored to the exact requirements of your individual business, or site.

We have a pedigree of experience in the design, implementation and management of network infrastructures, for both corporate office networks and educational campus networks.

Our infrastructure services projects have spanned across the UK and Europe, we have been responsible for the design and implementation of complete greenfield sites, large corporate office relocation projects, data centre design, network cabling refreshes, new school, college, academy & university network cabling and design implementation.

Krome has extensive experience working across various industry sectors and has an in depth understanding of the industry-specific guidelines those different industries face, from data security, management and retention, regulation and compliance, through to reporting and performance monitoring. Each sector has its own regulatory challenges, and our experienced team has worked on projects and supported environments inline with each of them.

A good example of this would be the GXP (Generic Good Practices) compliant work that we have undertaken within the pharmaceutical industry. GXP is a set of guidelines and regulations that apply to the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of medicines.

Working in a pharmaceutical GXP-qualified environment requires compliance with a wide range of regulations and guidelines, maintaining accurate and complete documentation, paying attention to detail, and having a focus on quality, and having good understanding of the pharmaceutical processes.

Krome consultants have attended GXP training sessions and have a strong understanding of working with standard operating procedures (SOPs) within the pharmaceutical industry. Our team fully understand the regulatory requirements that need to be considered when building and supporting GXP-compliant IT infrastructures.

Additionally, we have vast experience working within the financial services sector, complying with regulations such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). We have worked to create bespoke data management solutions that enable financial organisations to search, retrieve, retain and delete data in compliance with both GDPR and PCI DSS standards.

Our experience spans both private and public sector industries, if you would like to know more about our infrastructure design services or our industry-specific experience, please contact us on 01932 232345 or complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

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