VMware vSphere and vSphere with Operations Management

The vSphere platform – the best foundation for your applications, your cloud and your business.

VMware vSphere helps you get the best performance, availability, and efficiency from your infrastructure and applications. It’s the ideal foundation for any cloud environment. VMware vSphere with Operations Management takes virtualisation to the next level with intelligent operations management. It provides you better insights, resulting in improved performance and availability.


VMware vSphere , the industry-leading virtualisation platform, empowers users to virtualise any application with confidence, redefines availability and simplifies the virtual data centre. The result is a highly available, resilient, on-demand infrastructure that is the ideal foundation of any cloud environment. This can drive down data centre cost, increase system and application uptime, and drastically simplify the way IT runs the data center.

vSphere is purpose-built for the next generation of applications and serves as the core foundational building block for the Software-Defined Data Centre. vSphere accelerates the shift to cloud computing for existing data centres and also underpins compatible public cloud offerings, forming the foundation for the industry’s only hybrid cloud model. With the support of more than 3,000 applications from more than 2,000 ISV partners, vSphere is the trusted platform for any application.

How Is vSphere used:

  • Virtualise Applications with Confidence – Deliver enhanced scale, performance and availability that enables users to virtualise scale-up and scale-out applications with confidence
  • Simplify Management of the Virtual Data Centre – Manage the creation, sharing, deployment, and migration of virtual machines with powerful yet simple and intuitive tools
  • Data Centre Migration and Maintenance – Perform live workload migrations and data centre maintenance with zero application downtime
  • Transform Storage for Virtual Machines – Enable your external storage arrays to operate in a more VM-centric manner that increases performance and efficiency for your virtual machine operations
  • Enable Choice in How to Build and Operate Cloud Environments – Build and operate cloud environments that fit your needs using vSphere and the VMware stack or open-source frameworks such as OpenStack and the VMware Integrated OpenStack add-on

vSphere with Operations Management

VMware vSphere with Operations Management is designed to help you achieve your unique business needs by providing better insights and better IT. It helps you improve your performance and avoid disruption, with intelligent operations from apps to storage providing simplified availability and comprehensive visibility in one place.

vSphere with Operations Management provides the following capabilities:

  • Powerful Server Virtualisation: Virtualise your x86 server resources and aggregate them into logical pools for allocation of multiple workloads
  • Efficient Storage: Reduce the complexity of back-end storage systems and enable the most efficient storage utilisation in virtual environments
  • High Availability: Maximise uptime across your virtualised infrastructure, reducing unplanned downtime and eliminating planned downtime for server and storage maintenance
  • Network Services: Get network services optimised for the virtual environment, along with simplified administration and management
  • Platform Automation: Lower operating expenditures and minimise errors by streamlining routine tasks with vSphere’s accurate and repeatable solutions
  • Robust Security: Protect your data and applications with the industry’s most secure “bare-metal” virtualisation platform
  • Consistent Management: Maximise the benefits of your virtual data centre with unified easy-to-use operations management
  • Intelligent Operations: Intelligent operations management adapts to your specific environment, giving you better insights in time to take proactive action
  • Operations Automation: Safely automate infrastructure management with guided remediation and customisable actions, while always staying in control
  • Intelligent Workload Management: Balancing plan recommends optimal placement of workloads and balances the workloads across clusters
  • Cloud API Integration: Provides choice on how to consume your cloud environment

VMware Consultancy Expertise

As a VMware Enterprise Partner, Krome Technologies has the technical and business accreditation to design, plan and deploy sophisticated VMware vSphere and vSphere with Operations Management virtualisation solutions, if you would like any further information please complete the form below or contact us on 01932 232345.

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