Desktop as a Service

Outsource your entire desktop estate and its overall management to Krome.

Krome provide true Desktop as a Service, encompassing true cradle to grave service, ensuring that our clients have no hardware in the estate that is over 3 years old and the entire service, including all hardware, installation, communications, client liaisons, hardware break/fix and inventory management, and desktop software (optional) are provided on a per employee, per quarter cost basis; shifting the entire desktop estate from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure.

  • Success based on service delivery for multiple nationwide enterprise organisations.
  • The service is bespoke and is crafted to the client’s exact requirements, we are not a prescriptive organisation; one size does not fit all.
  • We can also offer client specific portals for service management and reporting.
  • Pricing is based on an open book arrangement, with low margins applied to hardware supply.
  • All services are delivered and monitored under strict service level agreements, based around each client’s unique requirements.
  • Data wiping undertaken utilising an industry recognised data erasure software; BLANCCO. BLANCCO produces a certificate for each individual hardware that is erased, providing full auditability.

As part of our “desktop as a service” offering, we can, at the request of the client, take responsibility for the clients image management, assisting to create universal builds allowing the customer to transition from one vendor to another or run a mixed enterprise, this enhances the client’s ability to negotiate with vendors and enables them to not necessarily be tied into using just one vendor, greatly increasing our clients ability to seek the best commercial offer if they would like to manage Vendor negotiations, or they can leave the Vendor selection to us, based on a number of prerequisites if they would like to outsource the headache of managing their portfolio of Vendors.

Krome utilises secure network connections (VPN, MPLS- client dependent) and various software delivery options (dependant on the client’s requirements) to push/pull/drop images over the wire, ensuring that the equipment we deploy is as “plug and play” as it can be, greatly reducing the time to deploy to the desktop, and improving the overall level of service delivered to the client’s estate of colleagues.

If you recognise any of these issues, our desktop as a service offering could help .

  • Long, costly, time costing delays on equipment or deployment time
  • Poor end user perception internally due to lengthy process
  • Out of warranty or high cost maintenance on equipment
  • Poor service levels provided by current partner/vendor
  • Comprehensive multi-site migration requirements

Our service offering is completely bespoke and built to meet each client’s unique and individual requirements enabling us to provide an agile and flexible solution that meets our customers individual desktop as a service  needs.

We’re client focused- we don’t prescribe a solution to a client but instead apply a consultancy lead approach to find a solution that works effectively, meeting our clients every need.

If you would like further information about our world class desktop transformation service, or how it could work for your organisation please contact us or complete the form below and a member of the Krome team will be in contact.

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