App Hosting

Remove the cost and complexity of running your applications on premise with our bespoke, scalable and secure app hosting services

Taking a primary, business critical application and enabling it to be utilised by an entire company, across multiple locations, and from and even greater number of potential places, thanks to the advent of enhanced mobility, brings with it a multitude of challenges.

Key questions that must be asked:

  • How do we ensure that the application is available to all?
  • How do we ensure that it is secure?
  • At which location do we host it, or must we host an instance at all?
  • How do we replicate the data from site to site in a fashion that matches the applications requirements?
  • Do we have suitable connections in place to enable the transfer of data at a rate the application demands in order to assure ourselves of full data protection and availability?
  • What does this mean to our licensing model?

Or you can ask one question…

Who can simplify the whole process for us?

We can! Our application hosting service takes your business critical applications and delivers them back to you, via our cloud platform, in a highly available fashion, ensuring a world class user experience for your colleagues, but also removing the hassle and complication of managing the environment from you.

We are able to match our platform to your specified requirements, with the added flexibility of adding or removing resource as necessary. Why is this important? Do you have a SQL data base that takes a huge resource hit once a month or once a week? Do you have a system in place that is powerful enough to manage this requirement? If so, then essentially you have invested in a solution that for the most part is working well below its potential, which is a wasted investment for your business; by utilising a hosted application platform, if for instance you want to add additional resource for that end of month surge in resource, then you can, without the penalty of having it in place the rest of the time, unused.

If you would like to investigate how moving key applications to our hosted platform could benefit your business, and remove the cost and complexity of running them in your on premise environment, then contact Krome Technologies on 01932 232345 or complete the form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

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