Media Archive and Recovery

Call Recording Media Archive and Recovery Solution

The call recording Media Archive and Recovery Solution from Krome is a bespoke, reliable and effective audio call archive and recovery solution delivered on a pre-configured platform that can sit either in your data centre or on the calling floor.

The call recording Media Archive and Recovery system ingests data files from a variety of mediums including archive tapes, disks, CD and DVD’s as the original recording formats. The solution will then categorise and index the audio recording, recovering all of the data that is readable from the tape; if it can be read, the system will capture it.

What is Involved?

Reading the Data

The crucial element of our call recording Media Archive and Recovery solution is the initial reading of legacy archive audio data, with traditional methods for restore/playback being inconsistent and unreliable, the solution has been developed specifically to give the highest level of audio interpretation and playback possible.

We will successfully extract your call recorded audio data along with the meta-data file which can then be transcoded into a non-proprietary .wav or .mp3 format.

Indexing and Storing the Data

Krome will compile a database that enables us to index all available fields from the meta-data file associated with each individual call recording. The data is then stored on RAID protected disks enabling secure central and access via a ‘browser based’ fully searchable archive store.

Searching the Data

The call recording Media Archive and Recovery solution offers a comprehensive search functionality (specifics will be defined during the planning phase), but can include any data captured with the call, such as:

  • Originating call recording site
  • Date / time of call [from-to range]
  • Agent number [telephone extension]
  • Policy number
  • Client Name

Our database is based on MS SQL and can search over 500 million records, returning results in sub 30 seconds. We can at this stage also import records from associated databases if necessary to give you a larger scope for finding the audio you wish to search for. Our playback utility will allow the user to play the audio file via a web browser directly from the Media Archive and Recovery solution in a streamed format, leaving no residual data on the user’s PC or Notebook, securing the data within the Krome Solution and assisting with compliance against financial regulations.

Solution Advantages

Our intelligent feature rich call recording Media Archive and Recovery solution was designed specifically to deliver a reliable way to retrieve and archive audio files, giving users the ability to find historic call data, whether it be for legal or business purpose, quickly and effectively.

  • Accessible from any workstation on the clients network via a web browser (Internet explorer 6 or later with Flash or HTML5 content enabled), with the ability to secure to certain active directory groups as necessary.
  • Non-repetitive use of tapes, disk media will not deteriorate in the same way that tape media does, avoiding any permanent loss of data due to tape failure.
  • Recover more data than you are currently able to. With the Media Archive and Recovery Solution, tapes with partial corruption will, if possible, be partly read and any accessible records will be ingested. Most systems will just ignore the corrupted tape completely.
  • Faster search turnaround. Queries will be returned on the entire data set in question, returning results in under 30 seconds without leaving your workstation. Audio files can (for agreed users) then be e-mailed directly to transcription teams without the need for any manual recording with Dictaphones etc.
  • Long term potential to import any further old format tapes into the archive solution and expand further as necessary.

If your organisation would benefit from a easy to navigate, central archive of your historic audio files, then please contact Krome on 01932 232345 to discuss how our own bespoke call recording Media Archive and Recovery solution could work for you.

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