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Unstructured Data team at Dell Technologies talk to Krome about StorARCH, Enterprise Archiving

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Managing Unstructured Data Storage and how to Migrate Legacy Systems with StorARCH

As a Dell Technologies Platinum Partner, we have been working collaboratively with the team at Dell for many years, we were recently invited to talk to Adam Jewitt, the Senior Manager for Unstructured Data Solutions at Dell Technologies, about how our Enterprise Data Storage, Data Archive and Retrieval Solution StorARCH can help benefit their customers across multiple verticals.

StorARCH is an intelligent data archive tool that can be used to migrate legacy data, including both structured and unstructured data, into an easy-to-manage Enterprise Archive Solution with simple search, data retrieval and data redaction capabilities.

This video features Adam Jewitt, Senior Manager, Unstructured Data Solutions at Dell Technologies and Sam Mager, Commercial Director at Krome, discussing the benefits of the StorARCH solution, including decommissioning costly legacy systems increases operational efficiencies, whilst delivering overall savings in excess of 75%, and improving the management of regulatory compliance.

StorARCH is an Enterprise Archiving solution that is unique in the market, it was developed solely by Krome, who works closely with the team at Dell Technologies.

If you would like to understand how StorARCH can help you to save money, increase the operational efficiency of your enterprise whilst also improving your ability to achieve regulatory compliance, then please get in touch with us on 01932 232345, or visit

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