Krome Technologies Support African Boy’s School with Laptop Donation

St Augustine is a Senior Secondary School for boys located in Banjul, Gambia. The School teaches approximately 1170 pupils with ages ranging from 15-20 years old. The school was in great need of additional laptops to give the 50+ pupils in the class access to their own machine.

When investing in new Manchester office premises Krome Technologies were introduced to a local producer, photographer and charity worker Madeleine Penfold; Madeleine had previously spent 2 weeks in the Gambia in the small town of Kotu delivering various charity goods to the community such as clothes and toys which she had gathered in the UK. Krome learned of Madeleine’s charitable endeavors and offered a donation of laptops for her next visit.

Laptop Donation

“I was over the moon when Krome kindly offered to donate some laptops, it is the exact thing the older children have asked for, laptops and phones are always at the top of the list. I’ve previously explained to them that these items are very hard to get hold of and that it would be more clothes and shoes that would be sent. The offer from Krome was incredible and totally unexpected; I knew that the recipients in Africa would be overwhelmed with such a generous life changing gift,” Madeleine stated.

Krome Technologies made an initial donation of 10 laptops for Madeleine to take out to Africa on her next expedition. In November Madeleine travelled to Banjul in Gambia with her over-weight and over-sized luggage full of donated clothing items, cameras and the Krome laptops; after some serious negotiation efforts with airline staff at Manchester and again with customs officers at Banjul airport, the laptops were finally allowed through.

When Madeleine reached Banjul she visited a large boy’s school called Saint Augustine’s. There were 50 boys in a class with a limited number of run down, slow performing computers available to them. The Head Teacher Father Bruno was overjoyed when he was informed that there were some laptops donated from England for his school.

“There were not enough computers per student before, the boys used to race to class to get there first in order to get a machine! After Krome’s donation every boy in the class will now have access to a computer. It really was an amazing experience to see the faces of the students and teachers when we set the new laptops up,” explained Madeleine.

Seven of the laptops were donated to the School, with the additional three being gifted to local individuals who would personally benefit from them; these individuals included a 17 year old girl in 6th form college, a 23 year old young man wanting to study Leisure and Tourism at college and a local business owner supporting the local community.

“We were delighted to have been introduced to Madeleine and to have been able to successfully donate the laptops; it is inspiring to meet such a kind hearted individual who is making positive changes for people in underprivileged areas, we hope to continue to support her work in the future where we can,” said Alex Rogers, CFO at Krome Technologies.

To view some of Madeleine’s photographs from her time in Africa please visit her website.

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