Krome Technologies Support Education Technology Charity Wizzie Wizzie Computer Coding Club

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With the digital world of mobile apps, games and computers already commonplace for most children, the desire to learn coding from a young age is exploding. The Wizzie Wizzie Computer Coding Club, a project of education technology charity Diverse Digital, offers free, volunteer-led computer coding classes for 8-14 year-olds. The aim is to help equip children and young people with the technology skills they need for the future.

With many children having everyday access to mobile applications and computer games, children are now developing aspirations to learn the language of coding at an early age. Teaching code to young people not only offers the children a strong chance of career advancement in a technology based role later on in life, should they choose to take that path, it also encourages decision-making and problem-solving skills and develops other important life skills such as analytical thinking.

Wizzie Wizzie Computer Coding Club is an entirely self-funded organisation, currently hosted from four London locations, with each class offering a free 90 minute coding session for up to 20 students on a Saturday morning. During the classes children are taught various computer languages, including Scratch, Ruby, Python and Groovy.

In February 2015, following a meeting at the BETT education show, Krome Technologies donated 20 laptops to Wizzie Wizzie Computer Coding Club, enabling them to successfully launch their fourth club at the Queen Mother Moore School in Clapham. With the centres having such a positive impact in the communities they are operating from, they are now in high demand to expand their services into the other London boroughs, forcing a requirement for further volunteers, venues and most importantly the technology on which to teach.

With the aim of launching six new centres in 2016 and a long-term goal of having a club in each of the 32 boroughs of London, Krome have committed to helping them achieve these targets with the ongoing donation of technology, initially with the fulfilment of a further 120 laptops.

Wizzie Wizzie trustee Milverton Wallace is elated with the technology partnership that has been forged with Krome, “We’re delighted that Krome Technologies has taken a leadership role in helping to prepare our children and young people to face and embrace the digital future.

“Their kind offer to supply all the computers we’ll need to power our expansion in 2016 will allow us to spend more time recruiting and training volunteers, and less time scrambling for machines. Twenty sixteen is going to be a hugely successful and very busy year for the club; we’re excited to be able to continue our expansion plans with Krome’s help”.

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