How will tech have transformed our lives by 2026?

Sam Mager, Krome’s Commercial Director talks to IDG Connect about how technology will change our lives by 2026 along with the psychological implications all this change could have.

Krome was approached by IDG Connect to provide our opinion on a few open-ended big picture questions. Sam Mager, Krome’s Director provides his comments below.

“If you had described Snapchat to me 10 years ago as something to invest in,” says Sam Mager, Commercial Director at Krome, “I would have quickly dismissed the idea.

“However, it has literally exploded and is now a common way for people to communicate their daily successes or indeed failures with their group of friends. I would expect by 2026 the smartphone will be a piece of history, overtaken by some sort of body worn or – God help us – some type of implant.”

Sam Mager Krome Director

Ten years ago it would have been unthinkable to order a customised meal via smartphone. Now we take this kind of thing for granted and don’t even brink an eyelid. “So no doubt in 10 years’ time, I shall be just as jaded and hard to impress when I am ordering my summer holiday by simply thinking about beaches and cocktails…” says Mager of Krome.

Technology is getting better and more seamless than ever before. However, some things may not pan out in quite the way pundits are currently predicting. Mager of Krome adds that as we blur the lines between our personal and business lives and our expectations increase concurrently it will have a big impact on us psychologically in future:

“Everyone knows the terrible sound an office makes when the email server goes down for a minute; take this sound and amplify it by 10 – that is the sound of the future.”

Whatever the biggest change to our daily lives by 2026, what is clear is that technology will be even more integral than it is today. Mager of Krome raises some interesting security concerns about IoT and the rise of biotech – although it is important to add there is a still a lot of debate amongst medical professionals about how common this will actually be in a decade.

“Whilst personally I find the whole idea terrifying, I can imagine a line out of the door and round many blocks should Tim Cook bring the Apple iBrain out,” says Mager.

“In my opinion it is not a matter of if, but simply when, and by 2026 I expect this integration of technology with the human form could actually be onto its umpteenth generation, opening up a whole new realm of cyber attacks…

“An Apple hack could then enable control of 75 million people/victims in the US alone. A very scary proposition in my opinion, but one that would have to be taken seriously as we see the tech landscape consolidate and evolve.”

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