Podcast: Password Tips and Tools – Password Security Tips for Business

In this episode of Krome Cast: Tech-it-Out, we discuss password security tips and tools for business.

Our discussions include the risks of inadequate password policies to business, what makes a strong, complex password and the password management tools and password security recommendations we would make to help protect your organisation against a data breach.

We discuss how weak passwords are a growing threat to business, the importance of having the right password security tools, such as a password manager or password generator, and how password security training and password security education for employees is essential to create strong passwords that will improve your overall cybersecurity protection measures.

This podcast features Krome’s Commercial Director, Sam Mager, along with Krome’s Technical Director Ben Randall, sharing their insights into password best practices and cybersecurity tips for businesses along with the use of tools such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Password Management Tools such as Thycotic Secret Server.

For a more in-depth review, please read our Password Security Best Practices blog post here.

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