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Virtual CIO

Our Virtual Chief Information Officers, VCIO Services offer your business the strategic IT leadership and expertise necessary for growth and innovation.

Acting as an extension of your team, our Virtual Chief Information Officers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, tailored to align your technology strategies with your business objectives.

With a focus on transformational solutions, our VCIOs provide comprehensive IT planning, from infrastructure design to cybersecurity measures and cloud integration. 

We will ensure that your technology investments deliver maximum value and support your long-term goals.


VCIO Services

  • Strategic IT Planning. Our VCIO services will help you to develop and implement technology strategies that drive business efficiency and competitive advantage.
  • Risk Management. Our VCIO will identify and mitigate IT risks to protect your assets and ensure business continuity.
  • Technology Road mapping. We will help you to meticulously plan your long-term technology strategy, aligning with specific digital trends and maintaining a competitive edge.
  • Budget and Cost Management. We will ensure that you are optimising your IT assets to deliver the best return on investment, without compromising quality or security.
  • Stakeholder Reviews. We will regularly meet with any key business stakeholders to review and advise on strategic direction, based on business objectives and budgets.

By leveraging our VCIO Services, you gain not just a technology advisor but a strategic partner dedicated to your success.

Working together we can help you to navigate the complexities of technology management.

A smiling man with glasses, a Dell partner, shaking hands in an office setting, with a warm red filter overlay.

In a year of unbelievable challenges, Krome has yet again proven themselves to be the single most important component of our overall IT strategy. There is no way we could have even began to imagine delivering all that we've achieved this year without your help.”

IT Director | Ninja Theory
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