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From comprehensive data protection solutions to industry-specific compliance requirements, we offer support for safeguarding your data, with a specialism in working with pharmaceutical and finance organisations.

Krome has extensive experience working across various industry sectors and has an in-depth understanding of the industry-specific guidelines those different industries face, from data security, management and retention, regulation and compliance, to reporting and performance monitoring.

Our Security Controls and Compliance portfolio is designed to go beyond helping organisations check a compliance box, or follow a standard approach to framework alignment. We understand that every organisation is unique and so are the skill sets needed to ensure success.

By following industry best practices, methods and procedures, we provide our clients with services and solutions that meet industry standards.

  • Regulatory Compliance Assessments: We provide assessments and assistance to help achieve compliance with industry-specific regulations such as GxP, PCI DSS and NIS2, and broader certifications such as ISO and Cyber Essentials Plus.
  • Data Classification, Encryption & Copilot Readiness: We design and deliver solutions to secure sensitive information with robust classification, encryption and secure access measures. We can help you to prepare your data for the deployment of Microsoft Copilot in your organisation.
  • Privacy Impact Assessments: Working with you we can identify and mitigate privacy risks associated with your data processing activities, such as GDPR.
  • Audit and Monitoring Solutions: We can implement robust audit trails and monitoring solutions for enhanced visibility into your data activities.
  • Policy Development and Implementation: We create and implement comprehensive data governance and compliance policies that are tailored specifically to your industry.
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