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Information Protection and Governance, End User Support

Comprehensive IT and End-User Support Services

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven business environment, seamless IT support and end-user IT support services are not just beneficial, they are essential for maintaining productivity and ensuring the smooth operation of your organisation.

We understand that your employees are the backbone of your organisation. That’s why we prioritise delivering exceptional support experiences that enable them to focus on their core responsibilities without disruption. Krome’s helpdesk team is dedicated to providing prompt, reliable assistance tailored to your users’ unique needs.

Our IT Support and End-User Support services are designed to provide your workforce with the expertise and assistance they need to overcome technical challenges and leverage technology more effectively.

Our End-User IT Support Services

Running a helpdesk is costly and time-consuming and detracts from your ability to strategically manage your IT estate. Whether you wish to completely outsource this function, or to utilise a partner to enhance your own team’s capabilities, our in-house helpdesk team are on hand to support your colleagues.

Our Support services are built on a foundation of prompt, reliable support for IT systems and direct assistance for users facing technical difficulties. This dual approach ensures not only the stability and security of your IT infrastructure, but also that your employees have the help they need when they need it.

We understand that every organisation is unique. We take a personalised approach to End User IT Support. By gaining a deep understanding of your business processes and IT environment, we can tailor our services to align with your specific goals and requirements.

Support offerings include:

  • Immediate Assistance and Troubleshooting. Our helpdesk is staffed by experienced professionals ready to provide immediate help with any IT-related issues, minimising downtime and frustration.
  • Customised User Support. From software queries to hardware problems, we tailor our support to meet the unique needs of each user, enhancing their efficiency and satisfaction with IT resources.
  • Training and Guidance. We offer insights based on trends we see within the calls and issues logged by your colleagues. This enables us to undertake training sessions and to provide resources to empower your employees with the knowledge to use technology effectively. Increasing self-sufficiency and improving the overall user experience.
  • Beyond Support. Understanding that each organisation has unique needs, our consultancy services play a crucial role in defining and sizing your end-user support requirements. Our consultants work closely with you to assess your current IT landscape. We identify gaps in support, and recommend solutions that align with your business objectives. We help you plan for the future, ensuring your IT support strategy evolves with your organisation, driving growth and innovation.
End User IT Support, 24x7 IT Support Services, Telecoms Solutions

By partnering with us for End-User Support, your users will grasp how technology enriches both the business and their roles, rather than viewing it as an obstacle. Let us manage the complexities of everyday user support, freeing you to focus on growing your business with more strategic initiatives.

Krome is a fantastic one-stop support IT hub with an exceptional interactive team. From advice on what equipment we should get, to supporting our IT infrastructure including training, it has been an overall great experience. We know we are in safe hands.”

IT Director | Charity Sector


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