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Key Partners

Krome’s business model combines industry leading technology accreditations, service driven client success teams, supported by a large team of experienced technical consultants.

Other Partners


Our technical consultants have a wealth of experience in strategic solution design and deployment, delivering complex integrated solutions that meet business demands.

With a robust portfolio of technology partners and an expert in-house team, Krome is your reliable partner for overcoming business challenges.


Krome’s Business Model

We are a service-centric, people-focused business with a unique offering in a congested market.

Where the market is full of MSP’s and resellers with large sales forces, often with a smaller technical contingent to support them, our business model is based on having a large technical depth and capability, with a ratio of at least 7 technical staff for every 1 salesperson.

By having a large, highly certified, experienced team of technical consultants, we have the right resource available to support you when you need it most.

We work collaboratively with clients, forming long-term business partnerships, applying knowledge, experience, and co-creating agile, efficient and scalable IT services and solutions.

Our success has come from providing our clients with unrivaled technical expertise along with extremely high service levels.

Illustration comparing two business models: "usual channel model" with scattered sales structure and "krome's business model" with focused sales team and technical support.

Ben Randall Krome

"I have worked in IT for 40 years, Krome is by far the best supplier I have ever dealt with."

Customer Feedback

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