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Hybrid Cloud Services: Extend on-premises data solutions to the cloud

Hybrid clouds seamlessly merge on-premises infrastructure with cloud capabilities, allowing businesses to scale resources dynamically based on processing demands.

Krome’s Hybrid Cloud Services allow organisations to leverage the benefits of both private clouds and on-premises data centers alongside public cloud platforms like Azure.

Krome’s Hybrid Cloud Services

With Krome’s Hybrid Cloud Services, organisations can seamlessly extend their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, optimising performance, scalability, and disaster recovery capabilities.

By combining the strengths of both environments, businesses can achieve greater flexibility, agility, and resilience in managing their IT infrastructure while minimising costs and complexity.

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  • New Workloads. Krome facilitates the adoption of new cloud-first technologies for emerging workloads, while ensuring business-critical applications and data remain securely stored on-premises for specific operational requirements.
  • Elastic Scale. Our team provides comprehensive planning, deployment, support, and management of data capacity services, enabling businesses to harness the flexibility of capacity-on-demand and virtually unlimited storage available in the cloud.
  • Disaster Recovery. We offer expert assistance in devising disaster recovery strategies and migrating data to cloud storage, while maintaining critical or frequently accessed data on-premises. This ensures efficient data protection and rapid recovery in the event of an unforeseen incident.
  • Additional Services. Our Services encompass a wide range of offerings, including Azure Stack deployment, SQL Server data stores, network shares, file-based data stores, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, hybrid networking solutions, and Azure Arc integration.
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"Krome never fails to deliver. We have been long-term partners due to your ability to adapt and provide the dynamic service we require."

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