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Krome Cast Christmas Special 2023 – A year of podcast bloopers and outtakes!

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In this special festive edition of Krome Cast’s Tech It Out for 2023, we’ve put together a collection of our most entertaining bloopers, mishaps, and laughs from the filming of our typically serious technology podcast series, Krome Cast.

As we wrap up our third year of producing the Tech It Out podcast, it’s reassuring to note that we’ve improved in nailing down the content. Consequently, we didn’t encounter as many bloopers as in previous years. Nevertheless, our reliable (or unreliable) host and Commercial Director Sam managed to add some comedic twists as always.

Rupert & Sam start the episode with a brief wrap-up of Krome’s 2023 and what is coming in 2024, before moving into the blooper reels for you to all enjoy.

*Warning – some bad language included*

We’ve released 44 technology podcasts over the past 3 years and hope that our audience, whoever or wherever you are, have found them of interest and of use.

We also very much hope that you enjoy seeing the lighter, less serious side of our team, who have all been involved (and had some laughs along the way) in bringing you this content.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2024.

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