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Podcast: Developing a Carbon Neutral Strategy

2 minutes read

In this episode we delve into the critical topic of developing a carbon neutral strategy, we explore how to measure your emissions and the ways to reduce co2 emissions that can help drive sustainable change.

This episode features Krome’s Commercial Director Sam Mager, Technical Director Ben Randall, CEO, Rupert Mills and Danielle Hammond, Krome’s Operation Director. Our panellists share their insights and experiences on developing a carbon neutral strategy reducing carbon emissions and creating a sustainable business model. We discuss the intricacies of measuring emissions across the three scopes defined by global standards, and we explore the practical steps businesses can take to mitigate their environmental impact. Our panellists also delve into the significance of setting targets to align with government-mandated objectives and we discuss how companies can leverage technology solutions to help reduce emissions effectively. As an organisation we started our journey toward carbon neutrality in 2021, we’ve made a commitment to ensure sustainability is at the core of our operations, and we aim to halve our emissions before 2035, achieving net-zero emissions ahead of the UK’s 2050 target. If you’re navigating through the challenges of digital transformation, trying to build and maintain a stable and future-proof infrastructure, that meets the needs of your business, or you just want to keep up to date with the industry challenges and trends, please head over to our YouTube Channel and hit subscribe! Our podcast series will feature in-depth discussions, covering a range of subjects including technology updates, tech challenges, trends, industry changes. Insights and best practices for IT leaders. Krome’s experience with client projects. How to overcome technical challenges. Considerations to make when embarking on specific upgrades, migrations, and installations. How-to guides and more! Our technology podcast is also available in audio-only format on all of the major podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, it is also available with full video content on our YouTube Channel. To view some of our other podcasts please see some suggested episodes below. We really hope you enjoy our technology podcast sessions, if there’s anything you’d like us to cover please get in touch using the form below or add it in the comments section on YouTube.

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