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Our Culture Team is Dedicated to Promoting a Positive Workplace

Our culture team is the driving force behind encouraging a positive and inclusive workplace environment.

Committed to recognising and celebrating the contributions of our team members, the culture team organises a variety of initiatives aimed at enhancing employee engagement and boosting morale.

From supporting the well-being of our colleagues, organising social events and facilitating office celebrations, to acknowledging length of service and encouraging positive cross-team interactions, the culture team plays a vital role in shaping our company culture and ensuring that every team member feels valued and supported.

Hannah White

HR Administrator

Hannah, our HR administrator, is a key member of our culture team. With a passion for maintaining a supportive workplace, Hannah spearheads our well-being and mental health initiatives with empathy and enthusiasm. Hannah plays a vital role in shaping our company culture and ensuring that our employees feel valued, supported, and empowered to be their best selves.

Dee Mager

Marketing Director

Dee, our Marketing Director heads up our culture team, spearheading all cultural initiatives. Dee is committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported. Her passionate approach and proactive efforts have a positive impact on employee morale, productivity, and retention.

Danielle Hammond

Danielle Hammond

Operations Director

Danielle our Operations Director, with a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating a positive workplace culture, Danielle oversees all HR activities and plays a key role in our culture team. Danielle's dedication to nurturing a supportive and inclusive environment makes her an invaluable asset, shaping our culture and fostering a sense belonging among our team.

Emily Trunchion

Internal Support Administrator

Emily is our Internal Support Administrator and an integral member of our culture team. With a knack for organisation and a passion for encouraging team spirit, Emily plays a vital role in orchestrating social events and facilitating office celebration days. Her enthusiasm and attention to detail ensure that our team members have memorable experiences.

Our culture team are responsible for all things that make Krome more than just a workplace—it’s a vibrant community where every team member feels valued, supported, and celebrated. Here’s a selection of some of the amazing iniatives that our culture team organise.

Kudos – Colleague Recognition

At Krome, we believe in the power of recognition. That’s why we run a monthly Kudos scheme, where team members nominate each other for going above and beyond in their roles, recognising where our colleagues demonstrate our core values in their everyday work. It’s our way of celebrating the outstanding contributions of our team and encouraging a culture of appreciation and support.

Kudos winners are given the opportunity to take an additional days holiday or receive an Amazon Voucher and at the end of the year, Kudos nominations are counted up to crown our annual Kingpin of the year!

Team Social Events

We host quarterly social events where everyone can unwind, relax, and share some laughs together. Most of our events are organised by the Culture team, however we are always keen to encoure other team members to get involved to help bring fresh new ideas and exciting new team bonding activities to our social calendar.

From summer BBQ’s, lively quiz nights to friendly sports events like golf and bowling, these gatherings are opportunities for us to connect, unwind, and build stronger relationships across the teams.

Milestone Rewards

We believe in celebrating and honoring the dedication and loyalty of our team members through meaningful recognition and rewards. As part of our employee milestone program, we acknowledge significant tenures, such as 5, 10, and 15 years of service. For those reaching these milestones, we offer a range of exciting rewards, including unforgettable travel experiences for long-serving employees, providing opportunities to explore new destinations and create lasting memories. Additionally, we offer rewards such as extra holiday days as well as leisure experiences like golf days, spa days, and driving experiences.

These rewards not only express our gratitude for their dedication but also serve as a testament to our commitment to creating a supportive and rewarding work environment for our valued team members.

Employee Assistance Programme

We prioritise the well-being and mental health of our employees. That’s why we offer comprehensive support through our Bupa Employee Assistance Programme. This valuable resource provides our team members with confidential access to a wide range of professional services, including counseling, advice, and support for personal and work-related issues. Whether they’re dealing with stress, anxiety, relationship concerns, or any other challenges, our employees can rely on the Bupa Employee Assistance Programme to offer them the support they need to navigate life’s ups and downs.

By prioritising the mental health and well-being of our team, we’re not just building a stronger workforce, we’re creating a culture of care and support where every individual feels valued, heard, and empowered to thrive.

International Celebrations

We believe in embracing diversity and celebrating the richness of different cultures and traditions, and we make it a priority to honor internationally recognised days and diverse cultural celebrations throughout the year. From flipping pancakes in the office on Pancake Day, hosting BBQs for International Burger Day, having traditional Indian sweets for Diwali, and having samosas delivered to celebrate Eid, our culture team are committed to organising special events and treats for the office to mark cultural occasions.

These celebrations not only bring our team together to enjoy delicious food and build connections, but also showcase our company’s appreciation for the diverse backgrounds and traditions that make our team unique.

Managed IT Services

Charity & Community Support

We are deeply committed to making a positive impact in our community and supporting our charity partners. We proudly collaborate with organisations such as Shooting Star Children’s Hospices and the Runnymede Food Bank to contribute to their invaluable work. Through various fundraising initiatives and volunteering opportunities, we encourage our team members to actively participate in giving back to those in need. Whether it’s organising charity events, volunteering at the hospice, collecting for our local food bank, or participating in fundraising activities such as climbing mount snowdon or running the marathon, our team embodies our company’s values of compassion and social responsibility.

Working together as a team, we are committed to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and build a stronger, more supportive community for all.

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