Blog Post: Why Network Monitoring is critical?

IT network monitoring systems monitor entire computer networks, analysing performance, identifying faults, and proactively notifying System Administrators about potential issues before they arise.

PRTG Enterprise Monitor

IT network monitoring systems provide businesses with critical information regarding their local and Internet-based systems. Such as servers, client devices, databases, and applications as well as network traffic and bandwidth usage.

Having a network monitoring tool in place is essential for every organisation, it provides a comprehensive and proactive view regarding the performance of your infrastructure, enabling you to avoid potential system failures or downtime. When the system recognises an early warning sign or a fault, it directly alerts the System Administrators, via email, SMS text message, or a dashboard view, to allow them to resolve the issue. The longer it takes to address a problem, the more expensive it can become, resulting in serious repercussions for the business; having a proactive tool in place ensures that any technical issues are rectified as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

5 Reasons Why you Should Invest in Network Monitoring

Resolve IT issues faster

Network monitoring speeds up the problem-solving process, identifying and alerting on issues before they become critical, allowing System Administrators to remediate the issue before it has a detrimental effect to operations.

In some cases, depending on the fault and the item that you’re monitoring, network monitor automation tools can be configured to not only highlight an issue to the Network Administrators as soon as they discover it, but they can also go one step further, evaluating whether the issue falls outside of a specifically configured set of parameters. An advanced API, scripted or configured tool could then automatically rectify the issue before it becomes a major fault that could potentially cause costly system downtime.

Assists with Cyber Security

Identifying suspicious behaviours, observing and reporting on any abnormal bursts of network traffic, it monitors the security settings on all servers, switches, firewalls, and other network devices, to help minimise the risk of a cyber-attack, supporting your business’s cybersecurity strategy.   Another useful feature is that you can monitor how many days an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate is valid for, configuring the system to warn you when that figure goes below a specific date, 60 days, for example, giving you ample time to renew it before it expires, which could potentially cause a system to fail.

Business Productivity

With many applications and systems being critical to business operations, having a proactive system that continuously monitors an enterprises network mitigates the risk of unexpected downtime, meaning that staff and business productivity is increased due to the overall reduction in unplanned downtime. For example, a network monitoring tool would spot the failure of a redundant network link – something such as this, could easily go unnoticed until the second link fails, in this scenario it would sever the connection, disrupting business operations.

Better use of IT Resources

Network monitoring is of huge benefit to any internal IT department, it allows sysadmins to work in a more efficient manner, as the manual work of them having to monitor several different network services has been taken over by a centralised monitoring tool, allowing more time for the IT team to complete more strategic tasks. In most organisations, the IT support team would have a set of “daily checks” that would be traditionally ran through every morning, with correct monitoring in place these are completely redundant, and in fact, using a network monitoring tool is vastly superior as the manual daily checks would be a point in time check once every 24 hours, while a monitoring tool is continuous.

Overall Network Performance Reports

Network monitoring tracks performance data and generates reports that companies can use to see the performance of their overall IT infrastructure over specific time periods, making it easier to identify any specific performance lags, what potentially needs improving, and what is performing well.

Enterprise Network Monitoring Challenges

The challenges that large enterprise organisations are faced with when monitoring their IT environments are abundant, with their infrastructures often distributed over multiple sites and locations with hundreds or even thousands of devices to monitor.

With such a magnitude of devices to monitor from multiple vendors, many large organisations have historically had to use several different monitoring solutions to manage their entire environment, resulting in several platforms, performance dashboards and diagnostic tools to monitor and troubleshoot.

Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor PRTG Monitor Enterprise

In 2020, Paessler AG, the IT monitoring specialist, announced the launch of its PRTG Enterprise Monitor, specifically aimed for businesses that need to monitor these large, dispersed IT infrastructures with thousands of devices, who wish to be able to use a single monitoring tool.

Following the release of the PRTG Enterprise Monitor product, Krome, having partnered with Paessler, having sold their PRTG Network Monitoring tool for the past 8 years, have been certified as one of only two UK based partners that are qualified to sell and implement their PRTG Enterprise Monitor tool.

Paessler named Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice for IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

The new PRTG Enterprise Monitor offers organisations a subscription-based licensing model, specifically tailored to large enterprise environments. These are licensed only by the number of sensors that are deployed across as many servers and locations as required, starting at 30,000 sensors.

Each PRTG Enterprise Monitor license includes the monitoring of network performance, infrastructure, applications, databases, storage, virtual environments, along with medical infrastructures, retail shop floors or IoT setups. Failover functionality and unlimited polling engines are also included.

IT teams in large enterprise organisations, which are often responsible for multiple, geographically diverse datacentres, offices, subsidiaries, and stores, can establish a central overview of their entire infrastructure with one single solution, without the need for additional modules or add-ons.

The most feature-rich element of the PRTG Enterprise Monitor tool is the ITOps Board (powered by Martello Technologies), which further enhances the PRTG setup with a service-oriented, central overview that brings multiple PRTG servers into a singular management and reporting pane. It significantly reduces alert noise and adds advanced analytics and overall SLA (Service Level Agreement) monitoring and reporting.

The ITOps Board shows data from one, or multiple PRTG servers, in centralised, easy to build, real-time dashboards. Based on services, dashboard views can also be tailored specifically to the individual staff member’s role. The ITOps Board gathers alerts and notifications from one or multiple PRTG servers and correlates them by business services, offering a service-oriented, central overview. Based on business services, the ITOps Board filters and concentrates alerts, reducing and focusing alert noise to what really matters.

PRTG as a Service

PRTG is a feature-rich product that delivers significant value to your business. The key, as with any tool of this nature, is ensuring that the configuration meets your requirements. As one of only 2 certified Enterprise Monitor Partners in the UK, we are available to work with you to define your requirements in detail, ensuring that your project is set for success from the outset. We can then manage your deployment of PRTG, ensuring that it meets your unique business requirements. Post-installation we are available to support you either with any support issues you may have or with future product development.

If you would like to remove the headache of managing your network monitoring solution altogether, then our Managed Services Team can bring your service into our care. Couple with our outstanding support services, we will proactively monitor your environment and undertake any remediation that is required to ensure that your operation runs smoothly and without issue, whilst you concentrate on more pressing and strategic initiatives.

If you would like to talk to us about our Paessler Partnership, our experience with implementing, configuring and supporting the product, or you would like further information on Paessler PRTG Enterprise, please contact us on 01932 232345 or complete the form below.

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