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Palo Alto Networks Close Legal Loop Holes for Law Firm

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Client Case Study – International Law Firm Stephenson Harwood deploys Palo Alto next generation firewall solution, improving security and control of their global network infrastructure.

As part of their recent office relocation project, Stephenson Harwood recognised the move as an opportunity to refresh their existing network infrastructure; to adopt new technologies that would provide superior network security, increased application visibility and control, and improved productivity levels.

When planning their £26 million office move, Stephenson Harwood employed IT consultancy Krome Technologies to handle the infrastructure relocation and regeneration. Stephenson Harwood, in partnership with Krome, immediately recognised that Palo Alto Networks’ next generation firewall was the appropriate network security solution for their new improved infrastructure.

Application visibility is critical for both understanding and controlling the risks posed to any network. With Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewalls, Stephenson Harwood would be able to see users streaming audio and video, and monitor file sharing, collaboration, and social networks usage; just a few applications that are capable of hopping from port to port, using encryption and non-standard ports as a means of evading traditional firewalls.

There were a number of applications that staff were accessing while offsite to dial into our networks, that were posing a problem for us” explains SHLs Global IT Director. “Applications such as Skype, and other services that provide remote access from a home to a work PC, were able to pass through our firewall, and get access to the Stephenson Harwood network, completely bypassing security measures that were in place, and all without any co-operation from IT; this was happening outside of our control. We knew we had to stop people doing what they wanted over our network.”

Due to the highly confidential nature of the information communicated by law firms, the channels being used across the network need to be secured and managed effectively, with Palo Alto Networks’ next generation firewalls, Stephenson Harwood were able to regain control of what information was being sent across their network,

Since implementing Palo Alto Networks’ solution, Stephenson Harwood has eliminated the use of unwanted applications on their network completely. Palo Alto Networks’ allows the network administrator to monitor all traffic on a private network. Stephenson Harwood is now able to monitor and centrally manage all of their global network traffic from their London headquarters.

“We are in full control of what happens on our network, Palo Alto has provided us with a far more sophisticated solution than the one we had previously, it not only lets us see the threats posed externally, but also has the functionality for us to track and monitor exactly what is going on across our network in finite detail. I now have a global view of our network’s security; it’s an incredibly powerful tool.” Global IT Director, Stephenson Harwood.

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