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99% of Krome’s Clients Say They’d Recommend Us

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From our annual client satisfaction survey, we are delighted to announce that 99.3% of Krome’s clients said that they would recommend Krome to others, and 37% already have.

The annual client satisfaction survey was sent out throughout January and February 2021, to every client that had worked with Krome during the challenging year that was 2020. It is incredibly important to us to ensure that we deliver all of our clients both new and established with a consistent high service level; additionally providing a high level of support to all of our customers during the pandemic was critical.

Achieving a high level of satisfaction across every area of the business

We are thrilled to report that we are consistently achieving a high level of satisfaction across every area of the business, with the vast majority of our clients rating us as good, excellent, or exceptional.

We are committed to raising our standards further and use the feedback provided to improve our services and strive to maintain the highest level of client satisfaction achievable. The results collected from our annual client satisfaction survey help us to identify any areas that we, as a company, need to make improvements on to enhance our client’s overall experience when working with us.

In comparison to last year’s survey, we have seen improvements in satisfaction across our technical support, project management and account management teams.

Pandemic Impact – 87% rated our “Service as normal”

Even with the challenges experienced during 2020, with lockdown restrictions, fully remote working, and industry-wide stock limitations, we are delighted to see that 87% of our clients rated our overall service levels as “service as normal”, with 10% stating they saw a minor impact but without issue, and just 3% stating they experienced a slight decline in service.

“In a year of unbelievable challenges, Krome have yet again proven themselves to be the single most important component of our overall IT strategy. There is no way we could have even began to imagine delivering all that we’ve achieved this year without your help.”

Client feedback provided in the survey.

When asking our clients to compare us to their other suppliers 18% rated us as good, 56% rated us as excellent, and 23% rated us as exceptional

Service is at the heart of everything we do.

To ensure that we are meeting, or exceeding expectations as it is at the heart of everything we do; we survey Krome’s clients annually and share the results publicly. The results from our annual client satisfaction survey allow us to continuously monitor and improve our services, using this data we continue to grow our team where needed, enhance our processes and improve our internal systems to ensure that we are meeting our clients’ service level expectations and setting industry-leading standards.

Taking into account the unpredictable and difficult year due to COVID-19, the team at Krome is delighted with the feedback that has been received from our clients relating to our performance across all areas of the business during 2020.

The full report can be viewed here Krome 2020 Client Satisfaction Survey.

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