Krome Relocate Stephenson Harwood’s London Office

Client Case Study – Legal Firm Stephenson Harwood: Office Relocation Project

When one of the UK’s most respected law firms decided to relocate almost 500 members of staff, along with their IT systems, from offices in St Paul’s to 1 Finsbury Circus London, they needed the help and expertise of a solutions partner they could trust

Stephenson Harwood called on the capabilities of specialist service provider Krome Technologies, to plan and implement the relocation of 490 members of staff across London, to their new offices at 1 Finsbury Circus. The move was to coincide with a full hardware upgrade; 490 desktops to be refurbished, upgraded, reimaged and tested, prior to redeployment to the new Finsbury Circus site, and in preparation for a companywide Windows 7 roll out.

The entire relocation project needed to be completed within a limited timeframe and executed completely outside of working hours, due to the complexity of the task. The project required a lot of attention at pre-planning stages in order to ensure the move and the systems upgrade would be executed with minimum disruption. In partnership with the team at Stephenson Harwood, Krome set to work planning a complete relocation strategy; ensuring that the client’s strict deadlines would be met, and the project limitations and constraints were identified and overcome through contingency planning.

Following an initial scoping exercise, which combined site visits, a thorough review of floor plans, and a full audit of both sites, Krome were able to identify potential logistical limitations. Comprehensive site surveys were produced, as well as full health and safety checks and risk assessments, complete with contingency plans; all produced in line with the client’s expectations and taking into account their overall business operations. By working closely with Stephenson Harwood’s entire team, Krome obtained a comprehensive understanding of their requirements, as well as the timescales and budgetary prerequisites, delivering a relocation project without any unplanned disruption or unforeseen issues. The entire project ran smoothly; receiving incredibly positive feedback throughout the business.

“The relocation was well planned and well executed; it really was an incredibly tough job. The teams worked so hard over all three weekends, and the help and advice they provided during the early planning stages was invaluable. Krome worked with us in the IT department, they worked with our move managers, and they lead from the front, you could really see just how much effort was going in to make sure we delivered a great piece of work, it was a fantastic success. Ultimately that’s what builds relationships; it’s all about people working together, there is a lot of support for Krome amongst my team. If I needed additional helpdesk or technical third line support tomorrow, Krome would be my first port of call.”
Global IT Director, Stephenson Harwood.

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