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Krome is now certified to carry out Electrical Equipment Testing (PAT Testing)

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To complement our technology deployment services, Krome now has a team of certified engineers qualified to carry out Electrical Equipment Testing, more commonly known as Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT Testing.

PAT Testing for IT equipment

Following their certification, our deployment engineers are now able to offer this as part of our implementation service, when deploying IT equipment and devices at customer sites, or alternatively for clients that wish to use this service for wider onsite electrical equipment testing. For engagements of over 50 devices, we can offer this as a standalone site visit.

PAT testing, or electrical equipment testing, is a simple process that ensures that your portable electrical IT appliances are safe for use and do not pose a potential electrical hazard. IT equipment such as PC’s, laptops, docking stations, monitors, printers, and other electrical devices should be tested regularly to ensure that they are not damaged, faulty or dangerous to use.

PAT Testing certificate

Once the PAT testing has been completed on an appliance, a PAT certificate sticker is placed on the device to show it has been tested. To ensure that you have a record of compliance, we will provide you with a log of all devices that have been tested, the date the testing took place, and information on whether the appliances passed or failed. Whilst it is not a legal requirement to document this, it is recommended that you do to record and review equipment testing dates and provide evidence that an electrical equipment testing scheme exists within your organisation.

How often should IT equipment be PAT tested?

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 requires that any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe condition. In order to comply with regulations, any device or piece of IT equipment that is classed as a portable appliance should be tested regularly. It is advised that portable devices should be tested at least once a year, whilst fixed electrical devices can be tested less frequently.

By undertaking regular PAT testing on the electrical equipment in your environment, you can be confident that the equipment you are using is compliant, without fault, and most importantly, safe. Should any equipment prove to be faulty or cause an issue, having evidence of your PAT testing could support you in the event of any insurance claim, it also demonstrates that you are taking sufficient precautions to ensure the safety of your equipment and employees.

Krome’s IT equipment and electrical equipment testing:

Device testing can be added on a per device basis and can be carried out by Krome in the following ways:

  • Onsite at Krome, at build stage – where Krome engineers are pre-building and testing equipment prior to delivery
  • Onsite at client offices at the deployment stage
  • Onsite at client offices for multi-device, large scale testing

For further information on our PAT testing services please contact us on 01932 232345.

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