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Krome Implement AMX Technology for NESCOT

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AMX Technology is recipe for success at NESCOT College.

Nescot, Epsom’s college of higher and further education, has truly embraced technology. From its interactive whiteboards, to its virtual learning environments; this state-of-the-art college has a technical specification well worthy of its Technology Exemplar status, as awarded by the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency in 2009. Nowhere is this commitment more evident than in the Preparation for Life and Work department, where innovative AMX technology is helping young people with learning difficulties and disabilities achieve their full potential.

The North East Surrey College Of Technology (NESCOT) is a large further education and higher education college in Epsom, Surrey, which attracts students from the local community, nationally and overseas.

Working with 16 – 19 year old students who have mild to moderate learning difficulties, as well as adults who have more severe disabilities, Nescot’s Preparation for Life and Work department helps students acquire invaluable life skills through the acquisition of accredited qualifications in subjects such as catering and cookery.

In 2010, following a successful bid for funding from the South East Action for Inclusion project, the department was able to further enhance its resources through the integration of AMX technology. Installed in the college’s teaching kitchens by AMX accredited partner, Krome Technologies Ltd, this innovative solution allows for the recording and playback of practical cookery demonstrations.

A central workstation, complete with a dome camera, records the lesson whilst simultaneously relaying the demonstration onto a large screen at the front of the classroom for collective benefit. Individuals can then retire to any one of five playback workstations where they can repeat the practical, replaying the demonstration or any previously archived content on their PCs, as and when they need further instruction.

“The benefits of this system are far reaching.” Explains Lynn Reddick, Head of Preparation for Life and Work, Nescot College. “The technology provides access for all students, including those who may have previously found it difficult to stand and observe a live demonstration at the front of the class. The AMX equipment allows us to provide access for all and empowers students to select and play the parts of the demonstration they need to recap. The potential for the equipment to become an invaluable tool for learning is immense.”

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