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Krome Deliver Infrastructure Support Services to HFMC

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HFM Columbus turn to Krome for infrastructure support and systems upgrade.

When infrastructure support issues and unplanned downtime started to affect business productivity, leading Independent Financial Advisors HFM Columbus turned to Krome Technologies to provide them with comprehensive technical support services, and an extensive upgrade of their IT infrastructure.

HFM Columbus provide independent financial advice to clients based internationally and in the UK. With 70 employees based across three UK sites, HFM Columbus operates from headquarters based in Weybridge Surrey, with their private wealth management division currently located in Tunbridge Wells.

Previously, HFM Columbus had relied on one point of contact to help them with their support issues, but as the number of incidents escalated, it became apparent that it was not only their existing support resource that was failing; so too were other aspects of their IT framework.

HFM Columbus realised that they needed to make some positive infrastructure changes; focusing initially on finding an organisation that they could rely on to resolve their existing IT issues, and provide a complete review of their existing infrastructure, with a plan for the future. It was then that HFMC called on the services of Krome Technologies.

Krome provided HFMC with a fresh new direction for their IT support infrastructure, with an immediate short-term strategy that involved upgrading and rebuilding their existing servers and client devices, so that they could be proactively and efficiently maintained, as quickly as possible.

The initial phase was implemented successfully, dramatically reducing the level of reactive support required in the first instance. Krome gradually implemented a number of processes, and through the provision of regular maintenance, service support, and with the continuous improvements made to HFMC’s IT environment, Krome successfully and significantly reduced the hours of unplanned downtime that had previously been experienced on a regular basis.

“We feel that Krome are on our side; they actually feel like partners rather than people we employ; we trust Krome completely. Their positivity, helpfulness, technical expertise, and ultra personal customer service are key for us, Krome genuinely care about our business”. Director, HFM Columbus.

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