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What will be the next biggest technology to disrupt business?

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IDG Connect asks Krome’s Director Sam Mager for his thoughts on what the next big impact technology will be and why?

Over the last few years digital disruption has been busily transforming everything. Industries have been changing beyond recognition, new technology has been flooding the workplace, and businesses don’t know how to plan for future jobs anymore because they simply don’t know what they’ll be.

Kathryn Cave, Editor at IDG Connect comments in her article that “Through attending numerous industry events it’s no understatement to say everyone talks about disruption, everyone highlights Uber and everyone discusses how to mitigate legacy technology. But like social, mobile, analytics and cloud – I can’t help wondering what technology will have the biggest impact next. So, in a very non-scientific test, I popped out a call asking relevant individuals to let us know what the next biggest technology to disrupt business will be. I requested a two sentence response stating what single technology they would choose and their reason why.”

Sam Mager, Commerical Director at Krome Technologies provided the following response for Kathryn:

“AI will change literally everything”

“The greatest impact we face as technology advances are developments in AI as it will mean changes to how we work, compute and interact both professionally and personally. The ramifications of this will be huge and it won’t be long before we really start to see the impact – think about how close self-driving cars are to being on the roads.
Sam Mager, Commercial Director, Krome Technologies”

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