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100% of Krome’s Clients Stated They Would Recommend Us.

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2022 Krome Client Survey

In our 2022 Krome client satisfaction survey we are delighted to report that 100% of our clients said they would recommend us, with 28% stating they already had.

To ensure that we are meeting, or exceeding expectations, we survey our clients annually and share the results publicly.

The 2022 survey was distributed in January and February 2023 to organisations that had partnered with Krome throughout the previous year, regardless of whether they were new or long-term clients.

We’re delighted to report that we’re consistently achieving a high level of satisfaction in all areas of our business, with the majority of our clients rating us as good, excellent, or exceptional.

We received a response rate of 49% from the clients surveyed, these responses ranged from new clients to Krome in 2022, to long-term clients that have dealt with Krome for 5 or more years.

100% Recommendation Rate!

Out of the responses received:

  • 100% of our clients stated they would recommend Krome to others
  • 28% of our clients stated they had already recommended Krome

“Nothing is too much trouble; it is great to see a team of people wanting to deliver, and work together to provide an outstanding service to the customer.”

Client feedback provided in the survey

How our clients said we compare to other partners.

At Krome we differentiate ourselves from our competition with our approach; focusing strongly on “what is right for the client”, providing advice and guidance where requested, which leads to long-term partnerships built on trust.

When asked how we compare to their other technology partners, clients rated us

  • 5% Average
  • 18% Good
  • 57% Excellent
  • 20% Exceptional

“Krome have always, and continue to, offer an excellent level or service and amazing flexibility. Nothing is too big of a problem and they remain a very valuable partner.”

Client feedback provided in the survey

Consistently achieving first-rate service levels

Throughout the past 9 years of survey data, we’ve received an average rating of 97% of good, excellent, or exceptional across the business.

We value the feedback we receive from our annual survey and utilise it to make improvements in every aspect of our operations.

In response to last year’s Krome client satisfaction survey feedback, we’ve implemented several changes to our systems and internal processes. These modifications have had a positive impact both within our organisation and externally.

If you would like to provide us with any feedback outside of our annual client satisfaction survey, please do so by emailing

Huge thanks to all of our clients that provided feedback.

Client feedback is invaluable to us as it helps us enhance our services further.  As a gesture of our appreciation, we have partnered with the National Trust to plant trees on behalf of each client who responded to the survey.

We firmly believe that addressing climate change is a collective responsibility, and we are committed to playing our part in creating a sustainable future. Our tree-planting initiative is just one step in our broader carbon-neutral plans.

By partnering with the National Trust, we are not only contributing to reforestation efforts but also actively working towards offsetting our carbon footprint.

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