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100% of Krome’s Customers Say They’d Recommend Us

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Following our annual customer satisfaction report we are delighted to announce that 100% of Krome’s customers stated that they would happily recommend Krome to others, and 42% had already done so.

Since its inception Krome’s mission has been to provide a superior level of service to our clients; at the beginning of each year, we ask our customers to supply us with feedback on our services and how they feel we have performed against our peers.

The annual satisfaction survey is sent to every customer that has purchased from Krome within the previous year, whether they were a new customer to Krome that year, or an existing long term customer, it is incredibly important to us to ensure that we deliver all of our customers, new and long term, with a consistent, high service level.

As a service driven organisation one of our aims is to constantly enhance and improve on the services we offer our customer base.

With the feedback provided in the survey we can implement the changes necessary to enhance the overall customer experience even further.

Overall rated 95%-100% good to exceptional

We are delighted to report that most areas of the business have been rated as 95%-100% good to exceptional, with both our Professional Services and Project Management teams receiving the full 100% good to exceptional rating.

When asking Krome’s customers to compare us to their other suppliers 59% rated us as an excellent partner and 31% rated us as an exceptional partner.

Our helpdesk services were also rated independently, with 100% rated as good to exceptional for the helpfulness of support staff, 99% for response times to incidents and 98% for flexibility of support services.

We are pleased that across a large cross section of responses, we are still very close to achieving our goal of 100%, a goal that will continue to have a concerted focus in 2018. We are in the process of implementing new systems that will enable us to provide an even higher level of service for our customers.

In Summary

Overall, we are delighted with the feedback from our customers relating to our performance in 2017. We are an open, service driven, organisation and we are happy to disclose the facts to our clients, both good and bad. It is only by continually approaching our customer base for honest and direct feedback that we can endeavour to improve our services.

Our aim for 2018 is to use the information provided in 2017’s customer satisfaction survey to improve the business. This information assists us in shaping our training plans, our investment strategy and gives us the direct information we need to continually improve to ensure we hold true to our ethos of being a customer first, partner organisation.

The full Customer Satisfaction report can be viewed here:

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