Dell EMC Compellent SC9000 – Scale, streamline and accelerate your enterprise data center

Dell EMC Compellent SC9000 Dell EMC’s latest flagship array offers all the industry-leading capabilities of the SC Series line in a fully upgraded, more scalable system leveraging Dell EMC’s 13G server platform.

Dell Compellent SC9000

Enhancements include:

  • 40% more IOPS, over 110% more throughput
  • Dual 8-core Intel® Xeons®, 4x system memory
  • Intelligent deduplication and compression
  • Multi-array federation and auto-failover
  • Enhanced virtualization and encryption
  • Cross-platform replication and shared management with PS Series arrays

The Dell EMC Compellent SC9000 is backed by Dell EMC Copilot Services, which combines centralised support, education and sales resources with 24×7 active system monitoring to help improve performance and stability.

Manage storage at the data center level

Although a single Dell EMC Compellent SC9000 provides quick, modular expansion to over 3PB raw SAN and/or NAS capacity per array, it can also be interconnected with other SC Series arrays in larger federated systems, elevating and abstracting data control across your environment.

  • Included Live Migrate “storage hypervisor” feature lets you move volumes non-disruptively between arrays without remapping hosts.
  • Included Volume Advisor proactively monitors all arrays for the optimal volume placement, based on customiseable policies

Flash and hybrid performance powerhouse

Innovative all-flash and hybrid SC9000 solutions can revolutionize the speed and impact of your applications. Intelligent multi-tier SSD capability, new 12Gb SAS backend, and a wide range of HDDs and ultra-dense expansion options give SC9000 the power, throughput headroom and ultimate flexibility to meet ever-changing workload demands.

With Dell EMC Compellent SC9000, flash becomes practical and cost-effective at any scale, extending its proven competitive advantages to more aspects of your data-driven business.

Always available storage

Dell EMC Compellent SC9000 is ideal for non-stop environments such as private cloud deployments. Live Volume provides native business continuity, enabling transparent auto-failover to synchronised backup volumes on another SC series array. Live Volume keeps workloads running during unplanned outages and repairs your high-availability environment automatically when an array comes back online.

  • Deeper intelligence and efficiency drives real cost savings you can reinvest in your business, with intelligent compression and deduplication for all drive types, dynamic RAID tiering and pervasive “thin” methods.
  • Enhanced storage virtualisation and control lets you map resources to business priorities, meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for mission-critical apps, even in multi-tenancy environments, with QoS and VVols support.
  • Unprecedented levels of flexibility and investment protection allows SC arrays to coexist and replicate in PS Series environments. PS Series customers can now add SC arrays if and when they choose.

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