Swivel Webinar: The worrying truth about certificate-based authentication

Understand why multi-factor authentication is increasingly chosen by savvy enterprises to protect their digital gateways to remote access VPN and Cloud services

Swivel Webinar Date: Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Swivel Webinar

In today’s multi-device and hyper-connected world, certificate-based authentication is no longer the best option for enterprises seeking to protect their virtual perimeter.

Swivel Secure is a pioneering network security solutions provider. Their authentication platform is recognised as a leading standard in authentication technology and is the solution of choice for prominent global organisations.

Offering a wide range of authentication options, the Swivel Secure platform delivers two-factor authentication via Mobile Apps, SMS, OATH Tokens, Telephony and Strong authentication through integrated in-browser imagery.

Join our Swivel Webinar to listen to security experts from Swivel Secure, world-leading authentication software provider, evaluate:

  • Key weaknesses of certificate-based authentication
  • Why multi-factor authentication is increasingly chosen by enterprises to protect their digital gateways to remote access VPN and Cloud services
  • The role of the innovative authentication solution, Adaptive Authentication, in getting a key balance of security and usability and why it may well be the smart choice

Swivel Secure solutions go beyond standard 2FA to provide an advanced and dynamic adaptive authentication platform that can protect all of your data, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Data breaches are on the increase, and with users apathetic use of weak passwords/password reuse, adding uncompromising security to protect all your business applications is essential. Equally important is the need for this to be both simple to use/manage and unified to drive productivity and strong business growth.


Online Webinar
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Wednesday 2nd November 2016
10:00am – 10.45am

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